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BDS 290: The New Orleans Petty-cans

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Anthony Davis demands trade, Porzingis gets traded, Kyrie might go to the Lakers, Octavia Spencer helped by Lebron, NFL umpire with controversial history, Durant to honor Collison, Naomi Osaka won, Austin Watson, Josh Gordon, Clemson’s black players skipped McCookout, Butler to see specialist for hand, sex trafficking ring busted before Super Bowl, Alex Smith could miss 2019, Lebron’s camp out on Walton, Trevor Bates, Rams-Saints lawsuit, Warriors met with Obama, Penny Hardaway says other coaches are jealous, Kaepernick collusion case, Melvin Gordon waiting on Bell, TCU new unis, Ainge says drama more interesting than basketball, Maroon 5 cancels presser and Trump praises Pats.


  1. rodimusprime

    Wassup Rod and J.L. Hughley!

    First of all, I’m glad J bended that knee to the greatness of Mariah Carey because he was about to ruining his entire support black women credibility.

    To answer why the Celtics can’t trade for AD while Kyrie is on the roster, they both are on their second contract with the super max incentive kicked in for making an All-Star team and/or All-NBA team. When the NBA creates that incentive, they made a rule that teams can’t trade for a player on that type of contract if they already have one. In the off-season, if Kyrie resigns, he’ll no longer be on that contract, this enabling them to trade for AD.

    My thing is tho, why aren’t they considering offering Kyrie? Kyrie sounding more suspect abt resigning in Boston than Sean McVay saying he wanted to establish both running backs instead of feeding Todd Gurley. Anyways, thought I’d clarify. Love the show guys!


  2. fyahworks

    What up Rod, Karen, and jAndre 3 seats…

    Cuz that’s how many seats were between the king and his peasants. Man oh man did the band of misfits send a message to lebron & magic! How the hell could you trade the whole team and the video coordinator for Anthony Davis? Like cmon! Sitting at 27-27 I hope there can still even make the playoffs at this point! It’s being reported New Orleans wasn’t never really gonna do the trade with la, it was payback for “tampering” they are more interested in Jason Tatum. This is becoming a throw away season which lebron can’t really afford at his age! Who would y’all say has the most pressure for shit to happen? Magic or king James?

    2)I also have another aka for Justin! Jrudy Gobert! Like were those tears of joy, he didn’t make the asg, or real tears? Cause I don’t care how many shots he blocked, I ain’t trying to see him in the all star game!
    Do you guys think they will do these legend spots in the all star game? Like they doing for dirk & d wade? I believe this is Vince last year why didn’t they put him in too?

    2. Was John Wall showing “coon man” how to moon walk? And fucked around tore his Achilles? Hit them with the I’m falling and I can’t get up? This dude is just getting all the money for free! And DC can’t even get rid of him! Smh!
    3. As I’m writing this, just got a notification that hornets are interested in getting Marc gasol. What are y’all thoughts on that move and who would you move to get him?
    4. Lastly, Rod you said on the regular show u were looking forward to the ratings for the SB! Well I heard it was 100 million combined across all platforms, tv digital streaming, Verizon mobile etc! Which is lowest in about a decade. What was y’all favorite commercial? I personally enjoyed the nfl100 with the past n present players

    I’ll holla……


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and Justin

    Nah no slander this week. I’m the one who fucked up. Who else could be to blame for letting the Knicks continue to hurt me. Sure getting cap space for two max contracts and draft picks is great on paper and what organizations should do when you’re tanking, but you forget one thing; we’re the Knicks, We’re going to screw this up. It’s been 22 years under the Dolan’s ownership and we’ve won four playoff series total and have the worst record in the league since 2000.

    Rod said we got swept by the Rockets in the finals, oh no sir, it hurt much worse than that. We won O.J.’s Bronco Chase game to go UP 3-2 in the finals and give all Knicks fans a chance to hope before Bomani’s favorite player and Houston legend John Starks got blocked at the end of game 6 and went 2-18 in game 7 and blew the series. We got a miracle finals run in the strike year as an 8th seed with Marcus Camby and haven’t been relevant since. The highlight of the last two decades of rooting for this team is about a month of fluky play from Linsanity and somehow, the one hopeful player we’ve had since then #Dat Zingis we ran out of town with him and his crazy brother mad about all the losing.

    But the one thing rooting for these losers has taught me, it’s how to spot a team that ain’t gonna make it, and it’s funny to ya boy if Jimmy Butler was the Top 10 NBA player folks say he is, then why did Philly need to give up 2 more firsts and players to get more help? How are you the savior when they need to trade for Tobias Harris a month later to have a chance in the East? Something just not adding up.

    Alright y’all have a great week. Appreciate the time as always.

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Juke Walton and Karen,

    I hope all is well.

    The Super Bowl party I went to had more fun watching an episode of Rick & Morty after the game than the game itself. At least Atlanta was compelling in the face of defeat and blowing a 28-3 lead. Also, we can make fun of the Rams for only scoring 3 points in a playoff game, right? Oh and shouts out to Jared Goff turning back into the pumpkin we all knew he was! Big Boi’s Cadillac probably had better yardage than the Rams offense.

    Justin, as a Lakers fan, how do you feel about the Lakers offering Lonzo, Kuz, Ingram, 4 first round picks and 2 second round picks?

    Rod and Karen, y’all have long spoke on folks knowing their worth…but is it wrong that I’d write the postage for free to ship all those lightskint niggas off to get AD? I’ll slap a shipping label on Lonzo’s forehead so fast!

    Rod, how does this trade square with your AD agenda? Do y’all hope the Lakers trade so many assets they cannot secure Kemba Walker?

    Have a great one y’all, peace!

  5. thatdudefromvi

    Good show as always fellas! Just one question: Do you all really think AD will end up with the Lakers this season? Between the league being salty re: the Lakers and the Pelicans front office being petty, and the GMs hatred of Bron’s influence, I have a bad feeling this Bron and AD thing will not happen.

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