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TNO 131: A Billion Guns

Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Zack Snyder, Borderlands 3 will have a billion guns, Valve removes tributes to mass killer, Pewdiepie, The Flash movie, JK Rowling on her character’s sexuality, Terminator Dark Fate, Apple Arcade, Supernatural ending, Jackie Earl Haley on superhero’s killing, Gambit movie, Sophie Turner on Bryan Singer, Angelina Jolie coming to Marvel, swatting sentencing, Overwatch League player quits, new Zelda, Chris Evans on Tom Brady, Gotham, man pleads guilty for hacking, Youtube cancels two live shows and Steven Universe wins GLAAD award.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Esteemed Nerds,

    Obviously y’all know what this whole letter is finna be about lol.

    I’ve had a treatment for a Shazam! movie since I was about 14 years old, as I was certain no one but me would ever make it. New Line Cinema’s actual “Shazam!” Movie exceeded my expectations and is better than the one I’d thought up so long ago.

    Its lack of priority (and probably interest) from New Line’s overlords at Warner Bros. worked in its favor, allowing them to cast lesser known actors in every role, and turn what could have easily been an Adam Sandler-esque misfire (I have read the 2003 and 2008 scripts for this and woo lawd) into an endearing tribute to the mid-80s Amblin classics many of us grew up on (the score in particular is phenomenal). It even made me feel bad – temporarily – for Dr. Sivana!

    And it’s ironic (or not) that the non-native DC character in the not-quite-WB movie would be the one that results in the best film of this current batch.

    (if y’all aren’t doing spoilers, please stop here and go to the postscript!)

    I knew about the Shazam Family “surprise” ending the second they cast kids to play Eugene and Pedro – and when Ross Butker followed David F. Sandberg in IG and started posting tons of workout photos. I think the film itself did an excellent job of handling the Shazam Family, but I’m wondering if the ads and marketing could at least have featured the kid versions of the family beyond Billy and Freddy more.

    My only real dissapomtment is that Mary didn’t get much screentime (I generally preferred reading her stories in ”The Power of Shazam!” back in the day over Billy’s). But that’s because they elevated Darla instead for the movie, which mote then made up for it. Meagan Good is a better Flash than whatever Ezra Miller was doing.

    P.S. thank God these children could act. I’m looking at you, remake of Dumbo.

    Have a great show as always!

    -B. Touch

  2. Amani

    What’s happening my people?

    I’ve spent many a nerd off ranting about DC making trash decisions, so it’s only right I give them their flowers when they earn them too. Even though they had our man Djimon with no last name out here with a drier wig than Candace Owens, Shazam was definitely a win. Folks were hyped off of that Joker trailer and in the general public the movie side finally has some momentum. Hell DC Unlimited finally is going to have the full collection of comics on there so things are looking up.

    But I still can’t ignore the flex that was that Disney+ announcement.. When you START with opening the vault and then all those Marvel and Star Wars shows that’s some big dick energy. And as excited I was to get the X-Men and Fantastic Four back, I almost forgot how big that Fox library is going to be for them streaming. You want to stream the Simpsons or Futurama? You gotta come through the mouse! And that’s before they said they’re bundling Disney+ with Hulu. Netflix could laugh off CBS’s two show roster, but THIS is some real shit.

    And I know Rod has that Cowboy Bebop casting news. I’ve been waiting to hear what y’all think about John Cho and Bushmaster.

    • Amani

      P.S. Oh nigga that episode 9 trailer!!! Palpatine byke? Let’s goooooooo

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen,

    Well Kriss, you laid your villain agenda to rest long enough to steer me right for Shazam. That movie was so good. I loved how you would be pissed at Billy/Shazam and then you would be reminded he was just a kid. I loved how mere minutes after I thought to myself that Billy’s foster siblings were the real superheroes, the movie went there. I liked Will and Viola in Suicide Squad, I actually enjoyed Aquaman, but Shazam was the first DC movie in a long time that I was glad I saw. It’s only the only DC movie in I don’t know how long that I am seriously considering getting on blu-Ray because it was that good. I’m hoping word of mouth gives this film legs because even though it was #1 at the box office $54 million is not a lot and my theater was only 25% full. Hopefully DC’s well-deserved box office comeuppance won’t come at the expense of this deserving film. When I left the theater I did my usual SMR and MTR review listen (I love hearing where black thoughts converge and diverge) and as is always the case neither podcast disappointed.

    Got my Endgame tickets but not before I was ready to bury my foot deep in AMC’s corporate behind. How are you one of the largest movie chains and you couldn’t handle ticket demand for the film even casual movie goers could have told you would be the biggest film of the year.

  4. rodimusprime

    Is anybody playing The Division 2? If you not, you need to be. That game is amazing and the enemies are evil. A dude stood under a spot light so you couldn’t see him and waited for us to get close. After you finish the game you basically get a new game. A new enemy faction shows up and they are even worse. One of them laid down with the dead and waited for us to get close. That’s a level of evil I was not prepared for. Plus they have robot drones. It’s crazy and a lot of fun.

    Anthem is a lot fun too. You’re in an Iron-Man suit flying around blowing up stuff and it’s BEAUTIFUL to look at. The flying mechanics are really cool. But that Division 2, gotdayum!

    There’s a new kung-fu series coming out called Warrior on Cinemax tonight. It’s gonna be good, check it out!

    Peace y’all.


  5. KungFuTreachery

    Bruh. Getting the Endgame tickets was a harrowing adventure. I saw that the Russo’s tweeted that tickets were available “7 minutes ago” and damn near broke my phone from dropping it over and over from the excitement. I’d like to thank UBpro phone cases. And for working 11p.m. to 7a.m. (just this once at least) because at 7 a.m. CT is when tickets went online for me. I logged in to my Fandango app for four tickets, and picks for reserved seating looked shot to shit like the Endgame predictions I made two weeks ago.

    I could only get three seats right next to each in a center row in the middle of said row, and refused to back out and make it 3 seats, so that lonely ass extra seat is like three rows behind and to the left on the wall. That’s going to my aunt who can’t seem to shut up during movies, even if you ask her several damn times politely during Infinity War. Never again.

    Anyway, I got ’em, no problem for Thursday XD 25th 6p.m. Then I got to sit back for the rest of the day and watch the chaos unfold on Twitter. Virtual wait lines?? HA!! I’ve never felt part of the elite before! This must be what Nero felt like fiddling while Rome burned!! I GOTS MINES!!!

    Your boy, Dazz

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