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1880: The Booty Decimal System

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Rod and Karen discuss Bernie Sanders is a millionaire, Ilhan Omar getting targeted, man sues parents over destroyed porn, church arsonist found, reparations study commission, justice center set ablaze, Justin Fairfax, woman steals city truck, side chick kills pastor, volleyball coach stole panties and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Rod & Karen. I’m just going to jump in and get to the point on this one. I’ve always really respected you two-for good reason–you seem like good people, I have also loved the show for many years now. Just wanted to put that first so you know where my heart is. I’m writing primarily about what’s being said on the show about Michael Jackson. You have gone in on him as if you know something that you cannot possibly know. It’s not that you’re not entitled to believe whatever you believe but, by the reasons you claim for calling him guilty and a pedophile, it’s clear that you have not done the due diligence that’s necessary in order to “know” in the way you represent. In fact, in this instance, the counter-argument to LN (movie) and all his other accusers is literally everywhere, there’s tons of public info on this, it doesn’t even require digging, it only requires looking.
    MJ does not deserve to be thrown on the pile with Harvey and R. Kelly and Cosby. MJ has many dozens of people including family and friends and colleagues (with nothing to gain) coming to his defense, publicly, repeatedly and unwavering, while between the other 3, there is only ONE defender…Mrs. Cosby and even then…you know the deal.
    Its not that we can ever truly know what happened between MJ and anyone or, for that matter, in any place that we were not physically present in but if that was the criteria for belief then we’d have to shut down all media immediately. As it stands, we use other senses and basis for determining truth and probability to get to the bottom of things. That’s what I’ve done with regards to MJ and the latest allegations and it’s what I challenge you to do, at least, before saying more about him or the accusations. Oprah now knows she made a huge mistake and is full-on backing into a giant bush (a la Homer) hoping this will disappear. I pretty much hope she’s not let off the hook on this one, what she did was irresponsible at best and shameful at worst.
    Anyhow, this is all said with much respect to you, Karen and your incredible show and I hope it’s received as such and digested as healthy debate.

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