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BDS 303: The Jackie Robinson of Fun

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Baylor going to the White House, UVA declines White House, Pop signing 3 years deal, Sabrina film, Tim Anderson, Melo will consider Knicks, Cam having another baby, Pacers getting bread, Tiger going to the White House, The Wades cover funeral cost for Nigel Shelby, Tyreek Hill, Monty Williams, Marshawn could un-retire, NFL prospect shot, Caster Semenya, Dame and cricket player gets 5 years for rape.


  1. fyahworks

    What’s good rod,Karen and jince carter

    1)can Someone explain to me why Vince is still playing and bout to break a record for the most season played in the nba at 22? I heard nba tv offered him a job once he retired! Is he broke? Owe that much child support? (In my Karen voice) “what’s going on here?”

    2)have you guys heard that the owner of the Knicks, is being sued, by the shareholders? This guy is a true cancer to the Organization, but refuses to sell the team. Then fans wonder why the team has a championship drought of 45+ years, and ain’t been to the finals since 2000.

    3. Speaking of the Knicks, the draft lottery Is this Tuesday! How much stock you guys put into the Knicks getting the #1 pick? And do you think they should draft Zion?
    4. Lastly, what’s up in the front office of Justin’s lakers? I’m glad ty little finger lue ain’t take the job! They tried to low ball him, offering him 3 years instead of the league wide standard of 5 years, they also wasn’t trying to let him assemble his own avengers (coaching staff) and had the nerve to try and force Kurt rambis on him. Justin who do you think will ultimately get the job, and who would you want to get the job? I heard Frank Vogel. And Jason Kidd are front runners! I just hate that this is happening on lebrons watch! All to save the legacy of mom jean wearing Jordan!
    Enjoy y’all weekend


  2. Clarence Crawford and some more

    As one who have lived among the whites. Yes, they do like to talk about who is fucking brothers in law(Buksvager). Yes the Swedes have a word for it. Many words for it and they all are about which men have slept with the same woman and the women have one for us men. Pole Sisters and something else which I don’t need to remember. I might not get it but it’s probably healthier to just openly admit that y’all be fucking and it overlaps. No biggie. Instead of claiming each other and acting there after.

    Btw, Semenya. Would it matter? I remember they talked about Tina that way, they talked about Angela Basett playing Tina in What’s Love Got To Do With It, they said the same about Venus and Serena. Doesn’t matter. You black, a woman, powerful and you great? They will find ways to call you a man-ish, gorilla-ish, all racist shit. So fuck em and Go Go Semenya <3

    • CC

      Hmm, this is weird. I’m pretty sure I logged in. That’s my old handle. Used it until Rod talked about how people was mocking his voice and being generally toxic men. I decided to change to the name the kids called me to tease me, easier to deal with giant black boy by calling him girly names. This was before the Migos was even born. Just a fyi lol

      Btw thanks for a great pod. I really enjoy y’all

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