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BDS 309: Boston Racist? WHAAAAAAA?

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Melo caught creeping, Drew Brees lawsuit, Space Jam 2, Gordon Hayward drama, Joel wants Tobias back, Raptors white house visit, Venus Williams breaks up with boyfriend, Kyrie didn’t like living in Boston, Kobe and Vanessa 4th child, Rodman on Draymond, David Ortiz out of ICU, Adrien Broner, Luol Deng, Ayesha sends nudes to Steph, Tristan Thompson update, shorter NBA schedule, CP3 denies trade rumors, Nets want KD bad, Knicks fined for banning newspaper, NCAA tightening transfer rules, Cal colleges vs NCAA, KC Radio host goes at Andy Reid and Brady mentored Josh Gordon, Mavs want to give Kristops the max, Trump disses Rapino and Dez Bryant defends Lavar Ball.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and Justin

    Nah no slander this week, the only one fucking up this week is me still rooting for these bum ass Knicks. Justin I’d like to formally apologize to you all my Lakers slander and Rod for wasting time even having to entertain all that bullshit on air. Now I stand behind everything I said about your front office, but see I forgot for a minute that Jim Dolan still owned the team. Nobody could ever be more dysfunctional while that sentient fedora is still around.

    See the messed up part is I had never even had my mind on KD before the season started. Why would he even be interested in coming here when we haven’t signed a top free agent since James Naismith? But then everybody starts reporting it like a done deal, and his Happy Hogan face ass starts promising us the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip. And like a sucker I fall for it every time. I’m not even mad about losing Durant, but they didn’t even try fam.

    How do you drop media spin that they wouldn’t give KD the max when he didn’t even sign for the max in the first place? These I got a girl but she goes to a different school, you don’t know her bum ass niggas! And you know why the Waveless Wonder didn’t take the max? Because he wanted to save room for his homeboy DeAndre Jordan who WE ALREADY HAD ON THE ROSTER because he was KD’s friend in the first place.

    I’ve watched this dollar store bagged cereal low-rent franchise spend more money than god on terrible contracts. They signed Allan Houston to a contract so bad they had to name a rule after him for stupid teams getting rid of them. We signed Amare Stoudemire when his knees were already so bad he couldn’t get insurance on them and now we want to be prudent?! NOW? When there’s a chance to sign maybe the best player in the league???? Nigga we just gave Joakim Noah $72 million 2 years ago and that nigga is getting paid to NOT play for us. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference and they were always going to Brooklyn, but NIGGA! To not even try? And now it comes out that they passed on meeting with Kawhi so they could sign Julius Randle a bunch of backups nobody cares about? This is like all these directors talking about they’d never do a Marvel movie knowing Disney ain’t call yet. Ain’t nobody ask you for that information just shut up.

    And I don’t want to hear shit about how this is how they should have been putting together a team and just stay low and build. For any other franchise yes, but they’ve been fucking that up for 20 years! These niggas stay promising fillet minion and then showing up with hamburger helper. You know the last player the Knicks drafted they’ve kept past their rookie deal? Charlie fucking Ward! And they have the nerve to put everyone on two year deals talking about cap flexibility so we’ll be right back here in 2021 as they lie to themselves about signing LeBron for the 4th time.

    Oh well, hope y’all enjoy your fourth and have a dope time as always. Gotta get some fake patriotism in and shout out to the Women’s National Team, those ladies are about that life. And a special shout out to bamil73 who had to see Canada and Jamaica lose not only with the women, but get put out by the US’s trash men’s team too. You hate to see it.

    P.S. I’ll miss Justin in the studio but I understand if Rod needs to keep his lightskinned bed bug ass home just in case. Appreciate y’all.

  2. fyahworks

    Good day Rod, Karen, jemba Walker!

    1)Rod, ya hate to see it! Kemba taking his talents to the racist breeding ground called Boston! I would have preferred anywhere but there but oh well, no surprise he left!

    2) Justin your lakers signed the light skin gawd, j Dudley! Your thoughts sir?

    3) thus far in free agency, who are you looking forward to seeing playing with their new line up? I like what Utah did! Obviously I like what the nets did! I think even without kd for the foreseeable future they should be good!

    4) jimmy in Miami, I get it! He wants to be the man on his own team!

    5) What has Dominic said about his sixers locking up Benjamin for 5 years and that Harris and Horford contracts? I know he was talking all types of shit and not flushing the toilet!

    6) lastly, I don’t know what longer, waiting for kawhi to choose, or waiting to get pass a garbage truck, picking up garbage in the morning when you running late for work!



    • fyahworks


      Who wore it better (yellin about the Knicks ’)

      Steven A (“crying, yelling & vomitting”)

      Or Michael rappaport (yelling and saying everything but Nigga)

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, maybe Karen and Janny Ainge,

    Ahh to be a mediocre white man in Boston. I was told by Apple Care that Danny Ainge was a Shuri-level genius for scamming teams in trades and stock piling all that young talent and whatever the fuck Gordan Hayward is. And look at them now. Dusty. Hairline messed up. Ain’t won a ‘ship.

    Apple Care needs to get right and be honest like Knicks fans. I don’t know why Knicks fans ain’t taking a victory lap: They spent all season saying Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were coming to New York and goddamnit, they were right! KD and Kyrie are playing in New York City! It’s so dope I ain’t even gonna say that KD’s nappy head reminds me of the Coogi print.

    Who would’ve thought we’d ever see the day where the Nets are One Mic and the Knicks are Oochie Wally? Ya hate to see it.

    Shouts out to Megan Rapinoe closing out Pride Month by lighting up Spain. Nothing but respect for my president.

    I’m sorry you had to deal with those scammers and hope your bank gets shit in order quickly.

    I hope y’all have an enjoyable and safe holiday, peace y’all!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin and possibly Karen

    Whew this free agency period is nuts Kemba to the Celtics, JJ Redick to the pelicans, Kyrie and KD to the nets and Kristaps got a max from the Mavs and Deangelo Russell might join the Timberwolves because D Rose left for the pistons. I may be premature but has the power shifted to the Eastern Conference now? This really is the best time of year queue the Money song lol.

    I know it’s not really something that’s covered but the Red Sox and Yankees played in London the other day and scored like 25 runs combined it was actually a good game but also made me wonder home many of them niggas is on the PEDs like every inning it was multiple home runs gotta be ok that juice or something.

    Anyways y’all be safe hope y’all got the money song queues up these niggas are gonna be RICH salary cap at 102 this year. And Geaux (GO) Pelicans


  5. brooklynshoebabe

    “Fuck athletics!” I love BDS for the gossip, the hot takes and Justin’s problematic comments. I started following Alexis Ohanian on Instagram. Oooo weee, he making it hard for every man trying to wife a black woman. He be looking so proud and happy in every picture with Serena and Olympia. And!!!! He now fighting for a national paid parental leave program. Alexis about to black women’s number one bae. Lol. Thanks for the laughs.

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