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1920: Humpin Around

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Rod and Karen discuss Humpin’ Around, Pumps In A Bumps, LGBTQ news, Jay-Z slanging again, Nicki Minaj cancels concert, ASAP Rocky in jail, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anon


  2. Evie E

    Pumps and a Bump came out around the time when Hammer was trying to change his image because he was getting a lot of flack for being a smiling, dancing coon. Personally, I didn’t see it that way but it was at time when gansta rap was blowing up and party rappers like Hammer, Tone Loc and Young MC were not getting as much airplay. Will Smith was able to transform in a mega movie star while with Hammer, we got Pumps and a Bump. It really could have been a bop if not for that really strange pelvic thrusting video. His fans who liked the happy dancing rapper were like what the fuck is this. While the gansta rapper fans he was trying to appeal to said, what the fuck is this and that’s when he fell all the way off.

    Lucky for him retro music is always fun at parties and when Can’t Touch This comes on at a party you can always see at least five or six people don’t the typewriter on the dance floor. You can’t tell me that people don’t get up and dance when they hear that song.

  3. Trey_Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    The hilarious thing about the most pelvic thrusts in a music video is that no matter the name of the music video- it more than likely is a Bobby Brown video …lol

    If it’s not the “Humpin Around” music video it’s the “My Prerogative “ music video- Bobby humped so much air in the My Prerogative video that he got the air pregnant with triplets AND a side baby …lol

    I love y’all goofy asses …hahaha

    Thanks again Rod and Karen,


  4. brooklynshoebabe

    LMAO!!! Now that you mention it, Pumps in a Bump was the first unsolicited dick pic. I remember watching the video on MTV when it premiered with my college roommates. We were all sitting there with our mouths open and eyes popping. WTF are we watching here? Looking at it through my fingers. I just tried to watch the video again and have had the same reaction. However, I do remember a Prince album cover where he had on a neckerchief and a banana sling. Prince the only man who can do that and it’s never too much male nudity. lol. (https://www.thefader.com/2016/04/21/prince-dirty-mind-album-cover-photographer-story) Damn, I needed this laugh. I would like for you to crowdsource a list of “gaslighting” love songs. It would be so hilarious.

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