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1931: Racist Anxiety Attack

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Rod and Karen discuss the Mary J Blige concert, ASAP Rocky fan threatens Swedish embassy, Dr. Sebi’s family addresses conspiracy theory, Equifax settlement, Mo’Nique on Whoopi, Angry Orchard responds, Ex-Miss Michigan joins Trump campaign, Ole Miss students suspended from frat, white woman not sorry for racism, woman speaks demonically in church, firefighter used hidden cameras to film roommate, Seattle man throws coffee on a baby and sword ratchetness.

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  1. rodimusprime

    This comment is about the Little Richard story. So 3ABN (where he was interviewed) is the channel for fundamentalist religion of the Seventh-day Adventists – a cult (I grew up as an SDA and ended up being kicked out for having a baby out of wedlock – eyeroll!). Anyway, 3ABN stands for 3 Angels Broadcasting Network. There is a “Lifestyle Program” at the Adventist college I went to in Weimar, CA where they promote a healthy, vegan, “biblical”, lifestyle and sneak in fundamentalist propaganda throughout. I was there in 2010 for college and the biggest claim to fame was that Little Richard had completed the program not to long ago and stayed at the Inn on campus. It’s sad to hear that he’s still a part of that and uses phrases like, “the way God wants you to live” since it’s the exact phrasing that the religion uses to justify actual repression.


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