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TNO 139: Steroids

Rod, Aaron, Karen and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Disney+ bundle, The Expanse gets 2 more seasons at Amazon, Nintendo replaces voice actor, John Wick TV series, The Falcon, It: Chapter 2 will be 3 hours, Nintendo profit drops, Sony sold 100 mil PS4s, next gen consoles, Fortnite gives 3 million to tournament winner, Fast Color Tv series, New Gods, EA doesn’t support Switch, Ninja leaves Twitch, Halo series, rules for action stars, Ultraman movie, Rambo will be Rated R, The Batman, Alita Battle Angel, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Netflix tracking physical activity, Hobbs and Shaw, Andy Serkis directing Venom 2, French inventor makes working hoverboard, Bioshock movie, Latifah playing Ursala in Little Mermaid Live, gay Aquaman, Home Alone reboot, Dark Phoenix, Apple locking phone batteries, Peggy Carter, Wolverine, Deadpool, Game of Thrones creators leaving HBO for Netflix, Garfield TV series, the 4th season of Avatar that never happened, Bruce Lee originally lost fight in Tarantino movie, Wal-Mart taking video game posters down, Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t know Sam Jackson was Nick Fury, E3 information leak and Apex Legends tournament taken off ESPN.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Karen, Rod, Kriss and Aaron,

    I was listening to an old episode while leaving a Target and as Karen mentioned “My Hero Academia”, I walked past by a white kid with teal hair. And for some reason, the combo of those things got me to binge the whole show in like 2 weeks.

    Good goddamn that’s a great ass show! I learned that MHA is where that meme of Deku crying pointing at the TV came from (niggas ain’t shit and a half for that). First time I saw Bakugo, I thought he looked like an angry nigga that would fight someone in Timbs *and then this nigga was in the tournament rocking construction Timbs!*

    So thank you Karen and the rest of y’all for putting me onto that show.

    Also, do y’all think Kevin Fiege has Sony’s number saved in his phone as “The Poors” or “Dem Niggas”?

    Have a great weekend y’all and enjoy your time off! Peace!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Y’all

    I just got the email saying that you’re having the Nerd Off this evening. I only have comments on one nerd topic and that’s movies to possibly expect from Sony:

    1) Spider-Man reboot with another inappropriately old dude. “Spider Man with Colin Farrell as Peter Parker”
    2) R-Rated Spider-Man reboot written by Quentin Tarantino, sample dialogue:
    Peter: So, you’re name is Miles and you’re another Spider Man
    Miles: That is correct.
    Peter: So, you mean to tell me, niggers can be Spider-Man now? Not that I hate niggers, but niggers can’t sling webs.
    This reboot will be 3 hours long and also include an extremely graphic and violent depiction of Uncle Ben’s death.
    3) A Zack Snyder penned Spider Man reboot with a dark and dour colour palette. In this reboot, Peter, still depressed after Uncle Ben’s decapitation by a crime syndicate, takes to the streets of Queens with two guns to augment his abilities. He goes on a killing spree of the syndicate.

    This is what I expect if there is no MCU collaboration. Sigh.


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Kris, Aaron and Karen,

    I’m sure you will have all the words for the Marvel, Sony, Spider-Man debacle becuase other than WTF! I have none.

    I have been reading House of X and Powers of X and I am loving it. Each issue is so well written and so well drawn. I already know that the series is complete, I will have to do a re-read to pick out all the little connections I might miss the first time around.

    Based on Rod’s, Kris’s and DPalm’s recommendation, I am making use of my Marvel Unlimited subscription to read Immortal Hulk. Damn that shit is good. The commentaries on race, white privilege and gender bias are so on point. Once I start reading an issue, I have to force myself to stop because sadly, the rest of the world won’t remain in stasis while I let Marvel consume my life.

  4. Felix

    Hi yall, Felix here. First of all, i know I’ve been kinda meh on the recent spidey stuff but I never would have wished for it all to fall apart for folks that liked it. RIP MCU Spidey. I pray we never have to see poor Tom Holland is a trash ass venom movie.

    So since the last episode Cannon Busters came out and I binged it all within the first few hours of it being available. Really enjoyed it. As a kickstarter backer it’s been really wild seeing how this whole thing came together. We’ve had access to the pilot since 2016 and I watched it so regularly that when I started the show, the recasting really threw me off. The more I watched though, the more I got used to it. And now having watching it all the way through twice and watching again just to rewatch my favourite episodes, it really hit me how much I needed this. So many different kinds of black folks all throughout and with actual black voice actors too. They dont always cast black people to play black characters in anime but they went out of their way here and it was just so nice to hear. Just a blackass fantasy show with some robots, a fire theme song and an endless parade of cool characters. I personally really loved Sam, Casey and Hilda. Philly was fun but I also really liked Odin.

    Some interesting things to think about from what I’ve gathered about the production, while the studio that animated it didnt have their top tier animators on this (those folks were on the pilot but are working on a show that’s currently airing so I dont think they were available), Lesean managed to put together a pretty diverse international team to make up for it. Episodes 5 and 6 had some extra animation work done by a pretty well know korean studio called Reddog Culture House. They’ve done a lot of game promo trailers but probably most recognisable to yall for doing the 2d Doomfist trailer for overwatch. They had a couple of their best folks on episode 6 for the big fight there. Episode 9 had one of the animators that worked on the fight between alucard and Dracula in castlevania, a well known and extremely talented animator named Guzzu who also has worked on Boruto. Episode 11 had western animators whose work you’ll know from black clover, Gem and Till. They work on the big episodes on that show like (48, 63 and 84) so they really stand out in episode 11. Episode 12 had some folks I know from Twitter and a couple I’ve actually talked to before which was wild. Congrats to them, they did amazing work. The episode is a nonstop showcase of international animation talent from the current generation of young folks like me who grew up on shows like naruto and are trying to break into the industry and also experienced freelancers, one of which worked on the recent Dragonball Broly movie.

    Besides them you have the incredible talented French design crew Lesean worked with who designed the world, cars and weapons and the Japanese folks who handled the character designs. The writers include Bryan Edward Hill, Natasha Allegri, Nilah McGruder just to name a few. You can tell our boy put his heart and soul into this. Combined influences from shows we all grew up on and put his own spin on it. So incredibly inspiring to have watched his journey. Now imma hope it gets a season 2 and lowkey working my ass off to get good enough to be hired on one of these kinda shows. Fingers crossed. Cant wait to hear what yall thought about it.

    Onto other stuff, was wondering if Aaron is watching Vinland Saga because BRUHH!!! That anime is so good. It’s kinda like The Lion King but with Vikings. It’s so well done. Hoping they dub it quick so Rod and Karen can enjoy it too. Also wondering if you guys are Watching She-ra, the latest season they just put on Netflix had the biggest swerve. It’s this close to being better than avatar the last airbender for me. If they keep up this quality and get even better itll be legendary. And lastly, I’m caught up on Coates’ Black Panther and man, I’ve been so into this space wakanda story and it looks like he is in the 2nd half of the overall story now. The shit is so good. He already tied up plot points from the previous arc several issues ago so now hes just writing black star wars and I never would have expected him to be this good at it. If you’re aware of general jamaican and southern African history some of the things he references or even names he gives ships are just really cool. This is one of those arcs I’d love to see in the movies one day. Ok, that’s me done. Looking forward to the show. Felix out.

  5. Amani

    We know Sony was broke, but damn! They’re really about to have my nigga Tom Holland on set just looking around at everyone missing like damn this is what the Snap felt like. How trash is Sony when the two reactions people have are either WTF are you doing or wondering if Feige schooled them in chess not checkers to drop the pressure at D23? Kriss said it when Homecoming dropped, y’all lost him already Sony, you just didn’t realize it. They tried to get the PR back on their side and blame Disney like everybody who watched those movies doesn’t want you to pass them sticks. The internet was so bad, they really dropped a whole ass Matrix 4 bomb and everybody just shrugged and went back in on Sony

    But they’re not about to steal my joy! I’ve been waiting for this show all week as soon as I heard we might be getting an Obi-Wan series?!?! Oh nigga let’s go! I was hoping for a movie, but this shit right here? We about to see Obi-Wan fucking up people all across the galaxy? Shit negro that’s all you had to say!

    Anyway appreciate the dope shows as always, and keep being weird or whatever. Love y’all.

  6. CC

    Y’all being weird again. It ain’t the peoples fault that Xbox didn’t do it both. They could’ve. You forget how Xbox couldn’t be used in tournaments because the AO didn’t function, y’all forget gamestop, walmart and target wasn’t keen on the digital only shop, y’all forget that Xbox has basically always been US only as in 50% of sales being there and other stupid shit considering ownership but the most important factor of em all.

    $100 cheaper is $100 cheaper.

    Even if it is a luxury product people ain’t gonna spend a premium when a cheaper twin is next to it.

    Anyway stop being weird. This ain’t the buyers fault this Xbox fault for not being willing to do both. Which y’all know they weren’t even ready to do in the first place. They were stupid and refused to admit that $100 extra wasn’t worth it when you had that thing in your pocket that could control everything else in your house. They seem to do now tho. Can’t wait to not pay extra for a damn slow, low resolution ass camera but use my phone and the Xbox app to tell my Xbox what to do. Maybe even my PS4. If Sony ever realizes there is more to just games. I ain’t even gonna pretend Nintendo will do any of the sort before 2030.
    Been using my phone to control my tv, sound, lights since 2010 and today even my locks. No nigga can sneak in our out without me knowing. PSo it’s just stupid to pretend I would need to pay $100 for some glorified piece of plastic.

    Anyhow it’s kinda off to hear y’all say otherwise. It’s like This a real fanboy thing and not the multibillion company, with all the resources, fault for not catering to you when they have the means to do it all.

    • rodimusprime

      Being “weird” huh? Okay. Just remember we’re going to have to go all the way back through this ordeal again during the next show. You made us do this. We’ve already been over it. Nothing “Weird” about it.

      • CC

        I’m ready for it baby!
        You say Kriss gonna cook me? That Nigga wrong 37% of the time he tries to speak with authority about things so sure. Do Your best! Oh and get those braids re-twisted!

        But to be straight, it’s the standing by the companies side instead of the consumer that is weird and not in the good way. Yes, Fuck “gamers” in general. Fuck people in general but fuck companies way more. There isn’t a single second in my life that I will stand with a company… Other than when it’s my job on the line then fuck y’all lol
        But cmon, y’all know Xbox could have done that digital service and had it as an option. Option! You know niggas don’t even dare try new seasoning and just fuck with whatever they mamas gave em.

        • rodimusprime

          We’ll explain it on the episode but that’s not what we said at all. It’s not about loyalty to any company. It’s about gamers. Namely US. Please don’t troll the show fam.

          • CC

            Wait, what? Sorry bruh but no. I ain’t trolling. It really came of as that when I was listening and re-listening it still does. Sorry to misunderstand and no I ain’t trolling. I really like this show, I like em all. Just put some cheek into it in the reply. I don’t even know if Kriss the one with dreads as I never manage to catch the show live.

            Really really sorry if I offended y’all and you thought I was trolling. I’m sorry. I’m missing something in y’alls discussion. Again I’m sorry if it came off bad. I only have good things to say about TBGWT and it’s Friends.

            Again sorry. Love CC

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