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TNO 139: Steroids

Rod, Aaron, Karen and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Disney+ bundle, The Expanse gets 2 more seasons at Amazon, Nintendo replaces voice actor, John Wick TV series, The Falcon, It: Chapter 2 will be 3 hours, Nintendo profit drops, Sony sold 100 mil PS4s, next gen consoles, Fortnite gives 3 million to tournament winner, Fast Color Tv series, New Gods, EA doesn’t support Switch, Ninja leaves Twitch, Halo series, rules for action stars, Ultraman movie, Rambo will be Rated R, The Batman, Alita Battle Angel, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Netflix tracking physical activity, Hobbs and Shaw, Andy Serkis directing Venom 2, French inventor makes working hoverboard, Bioshock movie, Latifah playing Ursala in Little Mermaid Live, gay Aquaman, Home Alone reboot, Dark Phoenix, Apple locking phone batteries, Peggy Carter, Wolverine, Deadpool, Game of Thrones creators leaving HBO for Netflix, Garfield TV series, the 4th season of Avatar that never happened, Bruce Lee originally lost fight in Tarantino movie, Wal-Mart taking video game posters down, Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t know Sam Jackson was Nick Fury, E3 information leak and Apex Legends tournament taken off ESPN.


  1. Y’all being weird again. It ain’t the peoples fault that Xbox didn’t do it both. They could’ve. You forget how Xbox couldn’t be used in tournaments because the AO didn’t function, y’all forget gamestop, walmart and target wasn’t keen on the digital only shop, y’all forget that Xbox has basically always been US only as in 50% of sales being there and other stupid shit considering ownership but the most important factor of em all.

    $100 cheaper is $100 cheaper.

    Even if it is a luxury product people ain’t gonna spend a premium when a cheaper twin is next to it.

    Anyway stop being weird. This ain’t the buyers fault this Xbox fault for not being willing to do both. Which y’all know they weren’t even ready to do in the first place. They were stupid and refused to admit that $100 extra wasn’t worth it when you had that thing in your pocket that could control everything else in your house. They seem to do now tho. Can’t wait to not pay extra for a damn slow, low resolution ass camera but use my phone and the Xbox app to tell my Xbox what to do. Maybe even my PS4. If Sony ever realizes there is more to just games. I ain’t even gonna pretend Nintendo will do any of the sort before 2030.
    Been using my phone to control my tv, sound, lights since 2010 and today even my locks. No nigga can sneak in our out without me knowing. PSo it’s just stupid to pretend I would need to pay $100 for some glorified piece of plastic.

    Anyhow it’s kinda off to hear y’all say otherwise. It’s like This a real fanboy thing and not the multibillion company, with all the resources, fault for not catering to you when they have the means to do it all.

    • rodimusprime

      08/12/2019 at 4:54 PM

      Being “weird” huh? Okay. Just remember we’re going to have to go all the way back through this ordeal again during the next show. You made us do this. We’ve already been over it. Nothing “Weird” about it.

      • I’m ready for it baby!
        You say Kriss gonna cook me? That Nigga wrong 37% of the time he tries to speak with authority about things so sure. Do Your best! Oh and get those braids re-twisted!

        But to be straight, it’s the standing by the companies side instead of the consumer that is weird and not in the good way. Yes, Fuck “gamers” in general. Fuck people in general but fuck companies way more. There isn’t a single second in my life that I will stand with a company… Other than when it’s my job on the line then fuck y’all lol
        But cmon, y’all know Xbox could have done that digital service and had it as an option. Option! You know niggas don’t even dare try new seasoning and just fuck with whatever they mamas gave em.

        • rodimusprime

          08/13/2019 at 9:09 AM

          We’ll explain it on the episode but that’s not what we said at all. It’s not about loyalty to any company. It’s about gamers. Namely US. Please don’t troll the show fam.

          • Wait, what? Sorry bruh but no. I ain’t trolling. It really came of as that when I was listening and re-listening it still does. Sorry to misunderstand and no I ain’t trolling. I really like this show, I like em all. Just put some cheek into it in the reply. I don’t even know if Kriss the one with dreads as I never manage to catch the show live.

            Really really sorry if I offended y’all and you thought I was trolling. I’m sorry. I’m missing something in y’alls discussion. Again I’m sorry if it came off bad. I only have good things to say about TBGWT and it’s Friends.

            Again sorry. Love CC

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