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1943: 10 Acts Of Love

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Rod and Karen discuss ASAP Rocky found guilty, friend of shooter charged with providing bullets and vest, AR-15 stolen from school, Lady Gaga targeted for music theft, woman couldn’t get 911 to answer phone, woman fired after reporting lapdance at work, man gored taking selfie with bulls, 10 acts of love to bring you closer, Florida white man spits on black girlfriend, Shaun King calls out Jay-Z for NFL partnership, TX police pictured walking black man on a rope while on horseback, Iggy Azalea interview, housing fraud in the O.C., child body slammed at rodeo during the national anthem, woman steals her own car back and sword ratchetness.

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  1. greatunclebob

    This NFL /Jay-Z thing is so interesting.

    Kap knelt during the anthem to protest police brutality and racism, what can the NFL do to stop or curtail that? They gonna ask officers to stop killing unarmed black folk in exchange for some box seats at the 50?

    The owners and some fans dont like players kneeling cause to them its disrespecting the anthem. Nevermind Kap coming out and saying that he consulted with a military vet who said the knee was more respectful that just sitting on the bench. But the correct answer for the NFL would be to dont do the anthem, but that’s not gonna happen cause that check the Department of Defense wrote to the NFL for them to put on basically a military commercial been cashed long ago.

    If they had come out with a partnership with Jay-Z/Roc Nation instead of firing Kap it might’ve gone down way smoother. They could’ve reshaped the narrative to them actually trying to do something instead of stamping their feet cause Kap wont fall in line like a good boy.

    The lawsuit they settled proved, to me, that they colluded and blackballed Kap and they will never rehire him.

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