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TNO 142: Racial Recognition

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Rambo author didn’t like Last Blood, SpaceX launch pad in TX, Area 51 tweet deleted, The Batman casting rumors, Ghostrider not moving forward, Spider-man back with Marvel and Sony, NASA black hole, Ruby Rose almost paralyzed, Xbox getting Google Assistant support, Google contractors targeted homeless people for facial recognition, Tesla accidents, Bitter Root movie, Scorsese on Marvel movies, Batman Beyond may be returning, Leto upset about Joker movie, Fortnite sued, Wayne Brady coming to Black Lightning, Dredd movie and companies scared of China protests.


  1. Hey lovelies,
    Y’all played that Indivisble? Best Kickstarter game I backed. It’s from the gay dude and his team that made Skullgirls and in Skullgirls fashion it’s The game to look at when looking for diversity made well. Game is fun as well, you notice the FGC pedigree when playing. Unfortunately it isn’t super newbie friendly but hey, it’s good and fun. You’ll get better. Even the gratuitous titty jiggle goes by and I don’t notice. It’s that damn good. I usually do a 180 when the titty jiggle comes in strong.

    That latest Immortal Hulk…Nigga! Anyway comics, why all hate Hank McCoy? Last time I read anything about him he came out as gay and then got switched out for some evil version and then I basically didn’t touch Xmen until house of M or Day of M..I don’t remember. The time when all mutant niggas disappeared. That one. I basically fell of Xmen ok, only Logan and Laura Kinney, X23, interest me now.
    Anyway thanks for a great podcast.
    Love CC.

    • damn, that came off wrong, the man gay, his name I forgot, google says Peter Bartholow, he had this interview on the gaygamer and being gay was something highlighted. Kinda like when a nigga do shit we want people to know ours did it. Get it? Hope y’all don’t think I’m bashing him for being gay.

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