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1976: Fish Lives Matter

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Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s random thoughts, update on Atatiana Jefferson shooting, Rihanna defends Vogue writers, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, woman kills man over money, man steals money out of his grandma’s underwear, professor steals money from grant and sword racthetness.

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  1. Phil G

    OKAY ROD!!!! Back on these Negroes NECK with the POETIC WORDS!!!! OKAY KAREN, beating that PRE-Diabetic out of your system. We living full and healthy lives over here in TBGWT land, YOU LOVE TO SEE IT!!!!!

  2. Tani from Iowa

    Karen, when you were talking about all the ways to make fish, I flashed back to Bubba from Forrest Gump and his infinite ways to make shrimp. It made me hungry. You going to open a fish restaurant, Karen? If so, I’m there.

    BTW, loving the jokes you two!

  3. Janica

    So here in Nashville it’s Annual Fish Sandwich Week AKA TSU Homecoming week and I’m literally sitting here eating a good ole piece of whiting and laughing my a** off!! The fish jokes *chef’s kiss*

    I love yall, for real!

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