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1989: Return Of The Bat

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Evie E

    The time to kill Negan was when team family won the war. That’s the thing when about this show. When a character is around long enough, you come to like them (except Henry) and I like Negan so Aaron needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Team Negan. I was so glad he killed Brandon. I can’t believe the show man a character almost as annoying as Henry. Looking forward to the Negan and Whisperers showdown

  2. Amani

    Oh wow so you just gonna bash my head in with a rock? See that’s the problem with y’all blue check niggas in the zpoc! Think you better than everybody. Try to have a conversation in a public forum and now I’m the bad guy just because I killed a defenseless woman and child? Wooooooooow.

  3. Iman

    I love how Karen keeps changing the number of kids Jerry and Nabilla have. Cracks me up!

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