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Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Dion Waiters panic attack, Wiseman declared ineligible, OBJ can’t catch a ball, Jermaine Whitehead, Deadspin is dead, I Promise Village, Russell Wilson wants 8 kids, Giannis movie, Lebron confronts heckler, Antonio Brown quits NFL again, James Harden plays worse after the strip club, Stephen A gets 8 million dollar contract, Greg Hardy, Phillip Lindsay moving out, OJ Simpson sues casino, David Stern sees legalize it, black NHL player needs security, Knicks drama, Lebron on AAU coaches overplaying kids, Rafeal Nadal sons reporter, Jay-Z gets Kap a work out, Eric Reid and the Astros was cheating.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jeveland Browns,

    The Browns went from a dude telling folks to pull up on the team office to Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph upside his head with a helmet. This is a new frontier in foolishness.

    Shit, I got to a point in like a day where i went from finding all the memes funny to getting super uncomfortable with them. Like the whole reason I could even laugh at that shit was cuz Garrett *did not* get the white meat from Rudolph’s head to show.

    And when I realized that I was Cuban B-ing Garrett’s late hit starting this? I chilled on the jokes. Oh but if Rudolph said something racist? Then I have to support it since it is just another case of a 45 supporter catching the wrong one. Christ, I am a slave to my agendas.

    What is longer: the distance from where Stephen A’s hairline from birth to present day? Or how long this week must’ve felt for Stephen A? Cuz nigga, he went from being called a coon on Tuesday by Eric Reid to have T.O. say Max Kellerman was blacker than SAS on national TV? Bruh you could see SAS trying not to call T.O. nigga so hard!

    Speaking of trash hairlines, how have y’all been enjoying The “I Heard Y’all Thought I Was Washed Tour”, presented by LeBron James? LeBron dunking on niggas with no regard for human life, slangin the rock like Franklin Saint *and* playing defense? Ya love to see it.

    But…LeBron really out here with a strong George Jefferson and waves combo.
    Do y’all think Lebron should come home? We’ve seen what he looked like with that shit cut low and if you ignore how his head’s shaped like a sledgehammer, it don’t look too bad. Conversely, I did a Twitter search of “Greg Oden head” and niggggggaaaaaaaaaa I forgot about Oden’s head. Well, at least LeBron ain’t never stooped to using the Begin. At least there is that.

    Shouts out to anyone with a Cowboys fan in they family, cuz those niggas ain’t gonna know how to act this year.

    Sorry for the long response y’all. I hope y’all all have an enjoyable and safe holiday.

    Niggas only
    only niggas,


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Jason Rudolph,

    This is SpcMtn

    This Kaepernick vs. Steven A Smith this has been wild and as I follow the story, I kinda get why SAS isn’t siding with Kaepernick. After watching first take a few times this week and listening to his radio show it appears that, according to Steven A, Kaepernick’s camp has been lobbying black sports media folks to lean on the NFL in public and private in order to help Kaepernick get a shot at getting back into the league.

    According to Steven A he has been in constant communication with Kaepernick’s team right until the Tuesday when the workout was announced and then communication stopped. Now this is all according to Steven A so we don’t know Kaep’s side except for what they’ve been tell Mac since the workout. According to Steven A., the league sent him the waiver with the additional language on Wednesday. The league didn’t hear about an issue with the waiver until Friday night. And then Kaepernick’s team sent their waiver to the NFL around 12:30pm the day of the workout. Once the league said no to their waiver, a Kaep made his announcement.

    Now the waiver he signed in 2011 vs now are different and can be interpreted differently and broadly by attorneys. I see how a lawyer could interpret that waiver how Kaepernick’s team did, but as a lawyer I don’t think a judge would find that Kaep waived all rights he receives as a member of the Union because such a waiver would allow the nfl to violate the rights players have under the CBA.

    Now back to Steven A. I think Steven A is refusing to move off his point based on how Kaepernick’s camp communicated with him and the desire they expressed in text message he references but won’t show us. I also think he feels used by their camp because he apparently has been lobbying owner and executives in the league behind the scenes to get him a shot.

    I think Steven A should let it go because at this point it’s a bad look. But I get feeling like you put your reputation on the line for someone and then when stuff his the fan you can’t get a callback and now they’re communicating with your cohost instead of you.

    The waiver was kinda sketchy and Kaepernick’s team should be cautious, but I kinda see why a guy like Steven A is saying he should have handled it better or just did the workout and fought the interpretation of the waiver later. I also get Kaep setting the league up and getting in front of some scouts. People aren’t giving Steven A any room to be mad and wrong and many of us are probably giving Kaep too much of a benefit of the doubt and a righteous actor.

    Sorry for the length and keep up providing us with this heat.


  3. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J. Wentz. He did not fuck up just wanted to take the chance to say Rod was right that nigga sucks. The real reason I am writing in is about LeBron and the Lakers. I know it is early but damn them boys look good. I find it funny these talking heads are taking umbrage with LeBron saying not bad for a wash person. Even Simmons say “who is calling him washed” But this show and I know all them talking heads were saying LeBron lost a step lst season and was saying the way he was playing D was embarrassing. Ignoring they were in 4th place before he got hurt. And he came back early from an injury and the second and third best player on his team last year ended on IR. Niggas only peace

  4. fyahworks


    Greetings rod Karen and jyles Garrett

    It’s been a while! But the love is still there!
    Hope all is well

    I’m writing this on Friday morning(11/15) after a wild Thursday night in sports!

    First and foremost Melo got pick up like a hooker on the strip! They hit him with the Dwight Howard special! (Non guaranteed contract). So far Dwight has been ballin, (off the bench I might add)! So with this being probably Melos last chance, do you guys think we will see similar results from melo?
    The report is, the blazers want him to come off the bench, play the 4 and come in for about 16-20 min per game!

    Lastly Although we don’t have all the details at this point, I think I know what happen last night, at the end of that football game between the Steelers and the Cleveland blacks! Mason been listening to balls deep! He told Myles crackers only! Only crackers! And Myles lost it!

    In all seriousness he definitely cross the line by hitting him with the helmet in his head. In a league that protects their qbs, you just can’t do that!

    I’ve heard people talking about criminal charges and him being suspended into next season. Damn shame that a rare win by the blacks got overshadow by this fight!

    I’ll holla

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


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