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TNO 144: Behold The Mandalorian!

Rod, Karen, Aaron and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Google buys Fitbit, Peter Cullen getting lifetime achievement award, Jon Bernthal says stunt people should get Oscars, Olympus Has Fallen getting more sequels, Attack of the Doc, Halo TV show casting controversy, X-Men back on top in sales, Ironheart Disney+ series, James Dean movie, Xbox One Shuffle button, Spider-Man movies won’t be on Disney+, Nickelodeon coming to Netflix, Mad Max sequels in the works, Uncharted movie, Keith David wants to do more Gargoyles, The Rock will be Black Adam, Paypal pulls out of Pornhub, Uber targeted by New Jersey for miss-categorizing drivers, Chuck E Cheese band shuts down, Runaways ending on Hulu, Idris to star in Black Western on Netflix, Brass Lion studios, Henry Cavill still wants to be Superman, new Half-Life game, Alan Moore interview, Star Trek 4, Charlie’s Angels flops, The Snyder Cut, TJ Miller won’t be in Deadpool, MS bringing Gmail to Outlook, Joker sequel rumors, Kathleen Kennedy defends Last Jedi, Digital billboards are tracking you and Nightmare on Elm Street.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s Nerds,

    Yo Disney is killing with it Star Wars. Jedi Fallen Order is great! I love that game. The final boss…Bruh. I was thinking this is bullshit, there’s no way this kid could handle this boss and I was right. You just run for your life, lol. It was hilarious. The Baby Yoda show is killing the best. Today’s episode was directed by Rick Fumiya. Crazy how DC let that dude get away. I love how 3 of the show’s directors got cameos in today’s episode. I hope Rick gets to direct a Marvel movie. Did y’all see the news story about those fools thinking that can file some type of suit take the Star Wars IP from Disney? Shiiiiiit. Disney has enough money to dress an army of lawyers up like Lube-Man from Watchmen and shove said lawyers up their collective asses forth with and judiciously! LOL

    The crew is back…The Expanse! We back baby.

    I can’t believe CW is pulling off Crisis. DC movies should be ashamed of themselves.

    That’s all. Have a good weekend everybody.


  2. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod Kriss Karen and Aaron

    What a time to be a nerd. Watchmen is killing it on HBO, it did that difficult thing of respecting the long time watchmen fans while also not making it to inside for new viewers to follow, all while unabashedly telling the world Racism is the real villain. Then we get this Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover which even before DCEU proved to be incompetent I didn’t think they could pull it off. In some ways what the Arrowverse has lilies off is just as impressive as the MCU given all the pushback and limitations WB put on them.

    Then they dropped Wonder Woman 1984 trailer and damn that looks different without Snyder hands on it. The feel, the color palette the tone is so different and it’s refreshing. There are some continuity things with BvS but that just tells me maybe they are moving on from that and basically doing a reboot on the fly.

    And then that Black Widow trailer dropped and all I’m gonna say is everyone who canceled ScarJo gonna be right there in May. Oh and I got that early screener for Expanse Season 4 too and Nigggggaaaaa. I don’t read fiction but this show more and more makes me want to read the books.

    Lastly y’all have to see this trailer from this game company called PlayWay. They make some of the wildest games u will find. They just put out a trailer for a game called “I am Jesus Christ” and nigga I almost passed out from laughing. I pasted the link at the bottom but they also make games called “Priest Simulator” “Drug Dealer Simulator” and “Sex Doll Salesman simulator”.

    Thanks For all you all do

    P.S Here is the link to the I am Jesus Christ Trailer it’s only a min long https://youtu.be/N3XY1R7ydTA

  3. Felix

    Hey guys, Felix here. Can’t say enough how much I’m looking forward to this episode today. Especially after the last couple days we’ve had in the UK, situation is completely and utterly fucked. I cried this morning. Only thing that’s got me feeling like life’s worth living again is the new season of The Expanse. Only a couple episodes in so far and it’s as good as ever. Having read about a third of the book it’s kinda cool seeing how they adapted it. Was expecting a certain character to have an accent but at least on the show they pronounce her name properly, unlike the audiobook haha.

    Other stuff that’s been great, Watchmen has been excruciating to wait for each week. Every episode just gets better and better and that last episode bruv, fantastic! I don’t know if rod is caught up so I won’t say anything more but I’m starting to think you had the right approach just waiting until its done haha. And it’s so much more entertaining than Westworld because I got so damn tired during season 2 of that man. Wasn’t until the 8th episode they started properly explaining stuff and by the end I was still annoyed even though that episode was great. Glad Watchmen is proving to be more engaging and better paced and plotted.

    On Crisis on Infinite Earth’s, yo Lex Luther is an absolute legend for that cliffhanger. I’ve haven’t seethed this much watching a character since Agent Liberty on Supergirl. God I hate him but I can respect that play. I was absolutely livid. So good haha. I was surprised Ruby rose’s acting was so much better than on Batwoman. I like the show but man is it just the directing on there or something because they make her look like she’s is so bad sometimes on there but here she was absolutely fine. Wierd. And lastly for crisis, I loved everything they did with black lightning in there. Him and barry’s scene before the end was so good. THE ACTING!! Man it’s been really fun so far, looking forward to seeing how it wraps up.

    A quick question about anime before I finish up. What are some of yalls favourite shows this year. I haven’t really watched as much as I usually do but I really enjoyed Demon Slayer, Black Clover, Vinland Saga and Psycho Pass season 3. Would be fun to hear what really vibed with you guys this year since a lot of good stuff came out.

    And lastly, the ending of iron heart man. I actually shed a tear. The last page was beautiful and i miss the book already. So excited for Eve Ewing’s new book that was just announced. Seeing her get to write Champions after that would be amazing. Reading the preview pages she really gets these characters. It’s reassuring knowing she’s sticking around and doing big things at marvel. Great ending to her first series. And also Coates needs to get way more credit than he does for what he’s done for Black Panther. That last issue with storm telling tchalla about himself and him learning and growing was so good. I don’t know what’s next for their relationship after this but I’m okay with wherever it goes. I can’t believe he made me like Storm and Tchalla together haha. And that conversation between Nakia and storm man. Dude is such a treasure. Ok, Felix out.

    • Felix

      Oh also, if Dpalm is there, man you’re taste is so impeccable. These transformers comics have been such a strange and beautiful ride. Thank you for caping so hard for them otherwise I’d have missed these amazing stories because of my big 2 bias. James Roberts is a beast!!

  4. Iman

    Hey y’all!
    I’m loving the Manalorian and His Dark Materials!
    The soundtrack for both shows are so awesome! I also enjoy seeing how they’re budgeting the cgi for His Dark Materials. They’re doing it in such a smart way. Like making all the Magistrates have daemons that are small creatures that are either vermin, reptiles, amphibians or bugs that can hide in their robes or clothes. So they don’t even have to show them!

    I think my daemon would probably be either a hedgehog or ferret. Something cute but feisty.


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