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BDS 327: Hey Twitter World

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Myles Garrett, Stephen A Smith, Kaepernick’s workout, OJ giving advice, Bill Russell accepts HOF ring, Burfict disses Goodell, Becky Hammon snubbed, Lebron praises his wife, ATL scammer steals NBA player’s identity, Mark Walton cut, Jim Cornette gets racist, Barkley apologizes for joke about hitting a woman and Joey Hauser rejected.


  1. fyahworks

    Good evening rod, Karen, and Jon Rivera

    1. So with the firing of riverboat Ron, and the upcoming surgery for scarf newton, what’s next for the panthers, or rather what would you guys hope the moves are for the upcoming future? Speaking of future, where do you guys think cam will end up next season?

    2. Switching gears to the nba, we are quarter of the way through the season! I’ve watched many of games and even went to the Charlotte /nets game at Barclays earlier this season, what are you guys thoughts on the first year introduction of the coaches challenge??

    3. Lastly what is harden and the rockets trying to gain by filing a grievance over the dunk that was almost like a freak accident? Yes, the dunk should have counted, but with the rockets up and with 7 mins remaining in the quarter, and the game ultimately going in to double overtime, they had more than enough opportunities to win that game! I do no see the nba reversing the win, or replaying the last 7 mins of that game! It would be funny as shit though, if they replayed the last 7 mins and the rockets still lost!!!

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Shaw

    So you’re telling me the nigga who lied about jumping into a pool to save his cousin from drowning when he sprained his ankles running from the police is the same nigga who got caught gambling on NFL games? And he got busted because he put professional football player in the job description? Well looks like we got a new Josh for that reality tv show with Johnny Manziel! There’s only ONE thing you can’t do in this league (besides be Colin Kaepernick) and that’s bet on games. Now I’m just waiting on his lawyer to blame on the NFL’s anti-blackness and let woke twitter change the PR game.

    And shout out to Justin, he wanted Melo to get his farewell tour and look at him now, Player of the week balling on y’all niggas. I gotta enjoy this now before he finesses the Knicks into giving him a max deal because they can’t help themselves. Alright y’all hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Appreciate you fam.

  3. Deejay936

    Love the show

    Ps Tell your dad sorry for the beat down my SFA Lumberjacks gave Duke this week. Lol

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