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PG 216: A Bi-Sexual Bridal Shower

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen (much later) to discuss hair cuts, a local rapper we know, YMCA basketball, Eli Porter, titties at the dentist, Rod buys Karen a purse, pregame news, feedback, American Scandal and Karen’s week.


  1. fyahworks

    Greetings bro rod, Karen, and j thrill

    To you guys and the premium listeners
    Hope the holiday was good to you if you celebrate! Definitely wanna shout out rod!

    I wanna do a testimonial on how good Rod has been!

    I took advantage of the tbgwt african American Friday sale, which is a great deal by the way! I might even say steal! But I had a few questions and emailed rod and he was very helpful and response time was rather quick! So if you guys missed the sale, my condolences. But rod is a very helpful man and I wanna endorse reaching out if you every have questions and concerns, especially you premium niggaz!

    That will be all

    Enjoy the weekend


    • fyahworks

      Ps: Congrats on 2000+ regular show. Episodes

      That is a huge milestone! Cheers to 2000 more

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