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1999: Doctor Sleeper Hold

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Rod and Karen discuss The Walking Dead.

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  1. Evie E

    Just think of me as that little girl in the meme when I say this. “I told you niggas! I told you niggas! I told you!” I told you that dude was sus because he came out of nowhwere. Dante needs to go. Fuck that dude.

    And I love me some Carol, lord knows I do, but i laughed and laughed when Lydia shoved that staff in Carol’s stomach. And i oop–

    I need to see more Negan next episode and bodies, mostly whisperer bodies.

  2. HvyWght

    Great episode! Hearing y’all discuss the “back of the bus” culture took me back. It was such a delicate balance that anything could upset. I ended up in a fight once because someone ELSE bet this guy that he couldn’t whoop me. I’m overhearing the over exaggeration of the things this guy is gonna do and all I wanna do is read my Calvin and Hobbs comic book until my stop!

    I’m really enjoying the flow of the show. I did wonder why Gamma never turned, though. I mean, she sliced her hand pretty deep with a knife she was using to stab a zombie, why didn’t she turn? I also wondered why that one zombie guts in the water system would affect the whole community, but Siddiq discovering the water filtration tampering was a nice touch. Which brings me to Dude Bro Dante smh. They GOT me with the swerve. I really started believing this guy! Rewatching, he did really make the clicking noise in real time. I think he was stressed because of the Whisperer he had to kill and Siddiq finding the problem and he lost focus for one second. I’m confident Siddiq did tell others about the water because he found out and flipped out in the middle of the day, he and Dante are talking at night and he wasn’t surprised that Dante mentioned the water. And I honestly don’t think Dante wanted to have to kill him. But his hand was forced by Carol Bauer! She had that Whisperer’s lips shaking like Pookie in New Jack City! It’s funny to me that he threatens her about what he’d to do her if they were “out there” and I’m thinking, “dude…didn’t she capture you “out there”??? Damn. Now she bout to beatcho ass.” I’m really looking forward to the inevitable Carol vs Alpha showdown! Keep up the great recaps!

  3. Iman

    Great episode y’all!
    I loved the “Reading Rainbow” segment, took me back to my school days. When I did ride the bus to school I’d often pretend that I was asleep or make sure I had something distracting to do. Like make those bracelets with the plastic string or have a book so folks wouldn’t bother me. But once my younger brother started riding with me, he couldn’t ignore the taunting and I was a lame big sister at the time (I didn’t want those problems). So we stopped riding the bus. I’ve only been in two fights through my matriculation from elementary to high school and each time I was inspired by a book on how to solve my problem. “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” by Mildred D. Taylor helped me in my first fight when I was 9. And “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe helped me in my fight in 8th grade; no ones going to believe that A Honor Roll goodie two shoes Iman beat you up in the woods by the school. And you’ll be too embarrassed to tell them. Don’t mess with my family hoe.

    Anyway. I think Dante made that clicking noise on purpose to trigger Sadiq. Once Sadiq figured out the water situation, he was going to kill him. I also think that Dante probably infiltrated right after the Barn massacre and Alpha wasn’t saying she killed Lydia until way after that. So I don’t think Dante knew that info. I am curious as to how they were getting information between the Whisperers and Dante.

    And now I’m thinking that Alpha may have sent spies to each community after the fair. No one knew everyone, something King Zek had said last season, so it would be easy to just send spies back when all the communities went back home. Like no one even asked “where Dante came from”, we just accepted him as a new person and face in the group. Everyone was traumatized and no one double checked.

    I’m excited to see what’s to come.


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