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TNO 145: The Tesla Minecraft Truck

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron listener feedback, entertainment, GLAAD working with Tell Me Why producer, Tesla Truck flop, Yoda Gif-gate, The Maxx getting a movie, Tim Miller copping pleas, Michael B Jordan met with DC for Superman, porn stars kicked off the Gram, John Boyega lost Star Wars script, Arkham Legacy, Lee Child shitting on Tom Cruise, Mystery Science Theater 3000 canceled, The Invisible Woman movie, The Simpsons supposedly ending, Spocking fives in Canada, new Planet of The Apes movie, Riot Games settles gender discrimination suit, Nintendo Switch gets best week in sales, new force powers coming,  PS4 snitching on gamer, EA removes soccer legend for Nazi incident, Henry Cavill still wants Man of Steel sequel, Russian hackers out here balling, Reno 911 returning, Aladdin spin-off controversy, Disney made 10 billion at box office, Joker sequel update, Marvel closing TV division, Pedro not always the Mandalorian, Jack Black may retire, Fast and Furious 9 trailer coming, Twitch paying millions to keep streamers, Thanos used in Trump ad, Keanu movie release day, Wonder Woman won’t have a sword and shield in the new movie and a man spends 1.4 million on a game character and it doesn’t end well.


  1. rodimusprime

    Sup Nerds!

    The Force is strong! We’re getting all kind of Star Wars goodness.

    Jedi Fallen Order is such a good game. I’m on my 2nd play through. I must have did something different this time around because the bounty hunters have been on my ass. They kept popping up on Kashyykk. I’m curious to see if they will pop on the other planets too.

    Lone Mando & Yoda Cub ended with a bang. Dark Saber and coming back next year, BRUH!!! All the directors killed it. They need to be the next group of directors for the movies. Disney likes to hold on to folks so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them all working on Disney/Marvel stuff in the future.

    Rise of Skywalker got the haters hating, but it’s still going to make a Billion. John Boyega got Reylo shippers all in their feelings, lol.

    Kathleen Kennedy stunting on em’!

    Peace and may the Force be with you.


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy nerdy niggas,

    I hope all is well and that this gets in under the buzzer.

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the work y’all put in here. I’ve said it before, but I can’t underscore how much fun it is hearing y’all talk about things y’all actually enjoy. Hearing y’all do it has made it easier for me to talk about nerdy things I enjoy, even if I have a fraction of the language to explain why I enjoy shit.

    Oh and Watchmen was absolutely straight *flames* wire-to-wire and I think an excellent modernization and extension of Alan “Prepper Dumbledore” Moore’s work. It made me realize that Zach Snyder’s presentation of Watchmen, while being pretty to look at, misses all the points like Ben Simmons past the arc. But that show? Like, I used to be in the “I’m tired of seeing Black suffering on film” on film folks and have moved firmly into the “nigga if it’s good, it’s good” camp. I feel kinda weird saying this, but seeing the Tulsa Massacre on film was simultaneously disturbing and wild engrossing. The entire series was amazing and I’ll be good and goddamned if I didn’t stand outta my chair during that Hooded Justice episode!

    Nigga, they made Hooded Justice make sense to me finally! The noose used to confuse me and I thought it was Moore speaking on how white viewed justice, i.e. illegitimate vigilantism masquerading as justice, but why would white people look at that as a symbol of justice when they know why they use nooses in the first place? But that episode was incredible. Whole series was incredible. Goddamn, they deed that shit!

    Oh and Outer World is my game of the year. I knew I cared deeply about one of my party members when I marched across a lizard infested hellscape, dying repeatedly…to get a fucking baked good.

    Happy new years y’all and keep up the great work!

    PS Kriss keep stunting on these niggas with the Orgy Con money!

  3. rodimusprime

    What up, nerds!

    Hope everybody’s having a happy new year. 2019 was a beast for nerd shit. Between Endgame and Watchmen alone, I think it may be a while before we see another like it.

    Speaking of which, can we officially Watchmen the title for best comic book show ever? It has some beast performances, especially from Regina King. The story is solid. Visuals and effects are sharp. Plus, it does long-form storytelling better than any other comic book show I can remember.

    It got me to thinking about how monster-of-the week used to be the default for most superhero shows. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s just easier to make that premise entertaining. Long-form storytelling is hard. And in the wrong hands, it can bring a show down. For instance, you could argue that Black Lightning would be the best show on the CW with a better hand on it’s storytelling. That’s not Greg Berlanti’s bag though. At the end of the day, it’s just a preference thing. Personally, my favorite comics are also long-form, so it’s cool to see that kind of writing come to the TV screen. But what do I know? I also like the live-action Titans show so I’m definitely not the best a judge of good art.

    That’s a little long, but thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

    One last question for Aaron if he’s here: what anime from the 2010s is must-watch? I’ve got some time off coming up and I wanna binge a good anime.

    Y’all be good!

  4. Felix

    Hi guys, Felix here. First of all, hope you lot had a great Christmas and New year! I for one had a pretty eventful holiday season. Not gonna say why except that ya boi ain’t doing too bad right now. I got the spider verse artbook for my birthday with a foreword by bendis. I can’t help but laugh at how big of a flex that foreword is. Bendis is a legit legend haha.

    Onto stuff that happened, so *SPOILER FOR STAR WARS TROS*…

    …I loved the new star wars joint a whole bunch. My only gripes (and I recognize this is a bit petty) is that I just did not like anything they did with palpatine. That and how little rose was in it. Otherwise I loved it. I loved what they did with the Rey reveal and how that concluded. Wasn’t what I expected but they put together a cool story about not being defined by your blood relatives there. Also I’m ready for jannah’s Disney+ show/comic/novel or wherever they continue her story. Now that the trilogy is done I can’t wait for the book and comic stories to start exploring and fleshing things out. Can’t wait for my problematic imperial faves Grand Admiral Rae Sloane and Commander Ciena Ree to make their comebacks and have their stories resolved. I know Sloane’s gotta have some thoughts about Palpatine being alive because she HATES the dude and was so excited about starting the empire fresh without him. The books are about to be so good haha.

    Moving on to The Witcher, I loved the show a lot bruv. For the first time ever I completely see the appeal of Henry Cavill. He’s always been pretty thicc but for some reason it hit different this time. ♥️

    And also I loved how mad the dudebros got at the existence of black people in it. As soon as I saw that I jumped onto netflix and binged it. I remember when they were casting folks were mad but I’m glad they didn’t capitulate. The black lady that played the enemy sorceress can curse me anytime. ♥️

    Last TV show thoughts. Watchmen’s ending was absolutely amazing. When lady Trieu opened up the thingimajig and Dr klanhatten was nothing but goo I laughed so hard. Then she went and vaporised the rest of the racists!! Bruv… Iconic. I knew lindelof was gonna do that last shot like that after every podcast I heard him on he kept mentioning inception so I was ready for it. I don’t need another season. Anything after this would be just be a let down. I can’t believe both watchmen sequels ended up this damn good. Bloody miracle that is.

    Lastly, I finished the 5th Expanse book in like a week and bruv… The show is about to get so bloody good. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle seeing half that stuff happen. Ok I’m just gonna end there cuz I went on way longer than I meant to haha. Looking forward to the show. Felix out.

  5. Amani

    Nigga that Mandalorian!! Taika deed it. And that ending, whooooo buddy. I wasn’t ready! Between that, Rise of Skywalker, and Fallen Order? What a time to be alive.

    And I didn’t know I needed Apocalypse in a suit until I got it. No spoilers since the book just dropped but Magneto bars byke!!

    Hope y’all had a happy New year and wishing everyone the best in 2020.

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    Just started watching Crisis on Infinite Earth because of you all . I forgot how much I love the Arrowverse and Arrow. I’m all in my nerd feelings. I’m cheering and tearing up. I love this superhero shit

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