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BDS 332: Slug Life

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Cavs coach slip up, Perkins vs KD on twitter, Jason Garrett fired, Vivian Stringer, Bhad Bahbie exposes Adrien Broner, Kap vs MAGAn Kelly, Antonio Brown paternity case, Melo in the Garden, Trump to go to NCAA championship game, Yoenis hurt running from boar, Jim Montgomery goes to rehab, Vince played in 4 decades, Serena doesn’t spend on herself, Kyle Kuzma trade rumor, Dwight Howard going back to dunk contest, Antonio Brown rap song, Naomi Osaka almost drowned, ESPN Monday Night Football, 30 for 30 on Mike Vick and Wentz is called brave for reporting concussion.


  1. Anonymous

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jodell Beckham,

    Is there a greater inverse relationship in sports than the misery Odell went through this season in Cleveland versus his sheer elation at LSU beating the shit outta Clemson? Of course Odell was drunk. Who *wouldn’t* drink if they played for the Browns and then saw their alma mater do Clemson like Sherman did Atlanta?

    God don’t like ugly and what’s uglier than a man who lives in a castle and makes $8 mil a year saying he’d quit his job if the players got paid. You hate to see it. Also, ITWAN on a grown ass man professionally going by Dabo. Name sounding like something a baby Fred Flintstone would say. Fuck outta here.

    For all the wild shit I’ve seen in college football, I never thought I’d see someone handing cash out to players on a field after a game and that be the *second* wildest thing someone would do that night. Fuck the police for being in the locker room in the first place, but Odell was wrong for slapping that cop on the ass. I like drinking but am wary of any nigga that can get “slap a cop on the ass and daring them to get their gun” drunk.

    I legit forgot that JJ Reddick went to Duke and then this week all the Duke-ness came straight outta him complaining about younger players and social media. No amount of heaux control in the world can counteract being a Duke player.

    Watching Cap’n Kirk Cousins play like some hot garbage against the Niners reminded me that Sam Bradford walked away with the bag so Kirk could *fly* away with the bag. Kirk too rich to give a shit about throwing interceptions or incompletions. Those are broke people problems. Over in the AFC, Justin, how does it feel knowing that light skint gawd Patty DeBarge is going to the AFC championship?

    I’d wish the Browns could trade for Cam, but they’re also the same team where the analytics department and owner are going to meet with the coach every Friday to approve Sunday’s game plan. The Browns are really about to treat their new coach like a badass 4th grader that has to prove they did their homework ever week.

    I hope y’all have a great weekend and holiday y’all. As always, niggas only, only niggas. Peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jhouston Astros

    Baseball twitter charged up in the winter! How do you cheat so bad you fuck up THREE teams? Even Arod got caught for steroids twice and he’s still Mr. Baseball calling games for ESPN, they mad at these niggas. They’re getting anybody who was involved with this up outta the paint. But you know who’s the happiest about this? The Texans. They blew a 24-0 lead in A QUARTER and the only reason they’re not still getting clowned is because of this story.

    But speaking of football, I know you see my Niners in the Conference Game a year after having the second worst record in the league. We back! Don’t let them win again, because I’ve got six years of receipts in the chamber and nothing but petty. https://youtu.be/ywRBVG9NeD0

    Appreciate the dope show as always, y’all have a great week.

  3. p.a.joseph

    Hey Rod, Karen and (again) Jam Newton.

    Last week I mentioned he had a baby on the way. Apparently he had another baby with IG celebrity La Reina Shaw @lareinasworld. (I did hit that follow button). If you remember, he gave up sex early last year. Sounds like the reason may be more than just performance. Bossip is also reporting that his baby mother kicked him out the house 6 months ago.

    It looks like the Panthers are trying to trade him. Which team would be a great fit for him? I like the idea of him going to the Cleveland Nigg.. I mean blacks. His favorite team is Atlanta so I know he would have fun there. Regardless a change of scenery might be good for him.

    Speaking of changes, Lamar Odom’s girl installed an app on his phone that blocks porn. After passing out in a brothel I guess that’s needed.

    I remember few years ago you guys mentioned that a Aaron Hernandez doc would be coming, Have you watch it? if so what are your impressions.

    Aight niggas Drink Well

  4. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen, and O-B-Justin

    So since the picture on the boat a few years ago, it seems odells life has been trending downward. During the college football national championship, which featured his alma mater, LSU, obj thought he was in the strip club, giving out cash and slapping asses! Like he forgot cameras are every where or maybe he just didn’t care!

    Jj reddick out here calling players out! Saying they are more concerned with their fits, than winning games! I don’t know if I agree with him, I think he just jealous he ain’t got no “drip!”

    Lastly god speed to luke who decided to retire this week! He was a beast on defense!

    Enjoy y’all weekend

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  5. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J-Dell Beckham. After the Kendrick and KD fight. Do yall think that KD is most disliked player from his own teammates? Also now that LSU won the championship and said they are going to the White House. I believe there is an angle that no one has talked about. That Clemson lost on purpose because they wasn’t trying to eat cold fast food again. Also have y’all had a chance to check out the Aaron Hernandez documentary? This nigga was on some other shit. Something should be said about his ability to multitask from playing football and killing niggas. But anyway love the show as always.


    • SuavyP

      What up y’all! Love the content as always. Just wanted to comment on the NCAA championship game and Trump deciding to attend as I have a different perspective on why he chooses to attend these event. It’s a reason why he chose to attend first the Alabama game last year, and now the LSU game which was held in Louisiana (both deep red states); these are technically political rallies/stumps to fire up the base support for the upcoming election. Yeah he got booed at the Nationals baseball game, but that was in liberal Washington DC. If you rewatch those two college games, the overwhelming reaction was very positive. He loves and feeds off that shit. And the people down here love him. As a person from Alabama and knows how favorable he is viewed in the Deep South , it was clear as day to me why he chose these events. It’s essentially a Trump rally masked as a football game. Just my two scents… Speaking of Trump supporters, my man Justin out here with the “fake news”!!! I find myself fact checking almost everything brotha man says . Luckily Rod’s there to “fact check” him. Don’t worry “J Trump Jr”, I find it hilarious! Don’t send Secret Service after me please… Keep up the good work guys. Peace

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