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BDS 337: You Are Going To Hell!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Gervonta Davis, Antonio Brown, Kareem Hunt arrest, AI had jewelry stolen, Bill O’Brien promotion, Mattress Mack, OJ Simpson signing stuff again, Ciara and Russell expecting another baby, John Andretti dies, Sammy Watkins willing to take pay cut, Dusty Baker hired for Astros, NBA players mad over snubs, Gritty exonerated, Mookie traded, man sues NFL over half time performance, Jimmy G, Jennifer King hired by Washington, Hennessy partners with NBA, basketball coach beat up by players, Kaepernick book, LaVar Ball, Knicks, Ohio State players accused of rape, Newton, Snoop apologizes, Kent State giving free tuition to Lebron students, Jeremy Roenick fired, Jameis gets Lasik, Rick Fox dealing with racist, Astros owner lying, Ujiri Avenatti found guilty, player body slams cop and Nate Diaz.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jregory Robinson,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    My niggas. That All Star weekend. The NBA remains the bestest at All Star weekend. Smoke trail from his knees aside, did any of y’all know Chris Paul could get up like that?! What did y’all think of this new format? Justin, what did you think of Aaron DeBarge losing the dunk contest after jumping over a nigga taller than a Palmetto tree? Goddamn I love basketball.

    Granted, its easier to love basketball when your team has won a title within recent history. Shouts out to the Cavs players for coming together and letting the petty work through them against John Beilein.

    Shouts out to Greg Robinson for catching the worst holding call of his life and getting caught with 157 *pounds* of weed at the boarder. This nigga didn’t want to play 17 games *that* badly, huh? I don’t blame him, but still, jesus nigga. Had a whole person worth of weed in the truck.

    Happy Black History month y’all!
    Niggas only, only niggas

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Queen Karen and Justin Beilein (Cleveland Coach)

    I’m watching Highly Questionable and seen a clip of Myles Garrett (Link to Bo’s Video Tweet ) speaking to his incident with the 3rd Quarterback whose name I can’t be remember because so what. Bruh, i want to be believe him when him said dude called him the n-word and I don’t know dude personally but…… Nigga please! . C’mon nigga, you really want me to believe that a white man on a field of niggas called you a nigger and you was the only nigga to hear it?!

    Ok. Now that I think about it….perhaps…It is the NFL……..

    but nah I dont believe this nigga. This reminds me of a scene on the Wire when Slim Charles spoke about going to war on a lie (30 sec clips of that scene). I get it because if his big helmet swinging ass told me to my face that 3rd String called him a nigger. It’s a convenient lie. Also, i’d believe him because he’ll go up side your head. The Deacon Jones head slap with an accessory i suppose.

    Lastly, Highly Questionable is a fantastic show. Shout out to Bo and Pablo. They have great chemistry and tackle topics like real good friends. It’s a fun watch because Pablo is my silly and corny spirit animal.

    Thanks yall. Hold it down.


  3. rodimusprime

    Good evening Rod, Karen and J. Beilein,

    Have you seen how everyone in MLB continues to be mad as hell about the Astros? Now a bunch of pitchers are talking openly about throwing at Astros hitters this season.

    I’ve always thought throwing a ball at a hitter who can’t defend himself is some punk shit. It’s not like hockey where you can have a fair fight with someone who deserves a beating, in baseball you have to either take it or charge the mound and get a big fine and long unpaid suspension. Although I might just be biased because of when I got beaned in high school baseball. I was a mediocre player minding my own business, but the kid in front of me in the batting order (who ended up playing college baseball) had just hit his second home run of the game, so when I came up next the pitcher was so mad he decided to throw at me. The umpire immediately ran out and warned both teams that any more beanballs would result in ejection. I asked the ump why he got a free shot at me, and he told me to shut up and go to first base. So I just had to take the L and the big welt on my back. Baseball culture is some really weird shit.

    Peace y’all,


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jaron Gordon

    We already gave y’all Mahomes, couldn’t let a lightskin nigga win the Slam Dunk contest too, gotta spread that love around during Black History Month. 
    And as dope as 4th quarter of the All-Star game was, the players getting spicy with each other was my favorite part. I’ve always respected his game, but this weekend finally turned me into a Giannis fan. Who knew he hated James Harden so much? First he said didn’t pick him on his team because James doesn’t pass and then goes to the press conference and says their game plan was go to whoever Harden was guarding? My man wants ALL the smoke!

    And speaking of stirring shit up, shout out to the Cavs for getting that coach up outta the paint. I don’t know how many times these old white coaches have to learn you can’t pull that same tyrant shit you get away with in college. That was some peak petty from the players and I’m here for it. They just better be glad y’all don’t control the music at the Y, or that’s some trolling y’all would have gotten up to.

    Alright appreciate the dope as always. Any time NC State puts the BEATEMDOWN on Duke it’s a good week, but hope y’all enjoyed yourselves.

  5. fyahworks

    Good day rod, Karen, jwyane Wade

    All star weekend 2020! Overall was good, controversial but good!

    My quick thoughts
    1. I was surprised the finals for skills contest was won by a big man! Goes to show how much the game has changed! That used to be for guards
    2. I felt common had himself a weekend, winning mvp for the celebrity game, then hosting the lineups for the players on Sunday! I felt he did a good job!
    3. J hud did her thing as well!
    4. I heard people saying Chaka took the fergie route with the anthem! She still a queen in my book!
    5. I felt d Wade should NOT have been a judge in the contest! I felt There was some bias there! They gonna have to do some tweaking to rules or judges! I’m leaning towards it should have been a tie and if not Gordon should have won because of all the 50s! Overall it was entertaining tho! They could Also get professional dunkers from outside and give them some exposure, because less and less players will want to participate! Ja morant shut it down 5 mins after it was over!
    6. Lastly I loved the new format and how they had the kids front and center which gave them an experience they will never forget!! Let us not forget the king (team lebron) is 3-0 since the picking teams has started

    Happy black history
    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz

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