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TNO 148: We Don’t Need A Black Kraven

Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, black Doctor Who, new Transformers movies, Doom Eternal, Netflix One Piece live action, Loki series introducing trans character, Linda Hamilton done with Sarah Conner, Valve sales double,  Suicide Squad, Xbox competition, Kraven The Hunter, My Little Pony / Transformers crosser, Knives Out 2, Y The Last Man, Walker Texas Ranger reboot, Lilo And Stitch live action movie, Mulan, Bride Of Frankenstein, Rick Moranis back, Spider-Woman movie announcement, Indiana Jones, Batman restaurant, The Batman, Eternals, Mark Hamill voicing Skeletor, Sonic box office and Xbox hackers allegation.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and nerds fleeing the ‘rona.

    I have been underwhelmed by this winter season’s Anime, but it looks like today Beastars is finally up on Netflix.

    if you need a new problematic fave anime to watch while social distancing—Beastars is it.

    Check it out. Slutty bunnies, torture pandas, fucked up bucks, and hybrid wolf heroes.

    It’s like Zootopia but with arterial spray.

    Stay safe everyone—Especially Bacon.

    Signed, holed up in Olympia—60 miles from Seattle.

  2. Amani

    I was already fed up this week with Negan and Alpha, but I gotta square up with Kriss for asking if it was Mirrorverse Candice getting her cheeks clapped by JR Smith. Everyone knows it’s poor Earl having his character defamed! The Henny God would never break up a happy home, the man’s been framed!

    But bruh, Post crisis all these shows have been so good. It’s easy to take the CW for granted, but we already loved these shows and they managed to take a step up. The game’s cheating.

    And just a heads up before the thinkpieces start, the Black Doctor Who news was kinda like that story they made a Black Woman 007. They introduced a version of The Doctor who was played by a Black woman, but she’s not replacing the lead of the show and I don’t know if we’ll see her again. It’s nice, but didn’t want to get people’s hopes up and then see twitter threads when it’s still a white woman on there.

  3. Truenotes1

    Hey guys, have you guys heard or have any info on a secret DC/Marvel crossover coming soon? And have you heard anything about the supposed rumor of DC “stopping” publishing comics & licensing their characters out. And its depending on how their new big event “G5 or 5G” doesn’t go as planned. I’ve looked but its hard to find anything difinitive, and not only that the rumor is coming from a comicsgate guy E.v. Sciver. So I really don’t believe it. But I trust your take on any of this. Its tough to get through the B.S. to find the truth.

    Also, I reevaluated my “love” for Ghostbusters, especially after seeing the trailer for this new movie. Me and brothers used to watch the original on repeat during the summer vacations we had. On VHS, yeah I’m old. But the more I think about, I think I enjoyed it because of the cartoon. And in hindsight, the original movie is good. But not great. And its GB2 sequel is Bad, as in terrible. The most recent woman led entry is better than both. All this to say, the new one hasn’t peaked my interest at all.

    Thanks for everything, you guys are the best.

  4. Banger316

    Love the show as always and did anyone notice that low key a staple of a lot of amateur porn/youtube videos, a smoke detector with low batteries beeping every once in a while, not a criticism just something that always makes me laugh when i hear it.

  5. LotusFlower

    Hey Nerd Off Crew,

    I’m excited to hear about the updates to Stardew Valley. I started playing a while ago after hearing about it on the regular show, but I haven’t had a lot of time lately to get on my computer to play. I just remember being in the mines all the time and then constantly waiting too long to get back home. I’d fall asleep and then I’d lose money. I think the mines and crafting were my favorite part of the game. Now that it’s on the iPad I’m definitely going to have to check it out. Do any of you play iPad/iPhone games that you really like? I’m trying to find some new games to play during my son’s nap times. I currently play Hearthstone, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Don’t Starve on my iPad.

    Also, what are some good co-op games that you all like to play? Hubby and I are trying to find some games to play now that our son is sleeping through the night (yesssss!). We’ve played some Borderlands 3, and that’s a lot of fun, but I take too long to get to him to revive him, so boss fights take us for-ever…

    Also, any of you seen Code 8? It’s a movie starring Stephen and Robbie Amell. I also heard rumors that there may be a TV Show spin-off. I really liked the movie, and not sure why the rating is so low on IMDB….but I also liked Batman V Superman, so maybe I just like trash movies.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I need to proofread before I hit the submit button

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    I’m sorry I forgot Aaron. There’s a lot of y’all. Lol.

    I saw Birds of Prey and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. My favorite DC Movie. I liked Man of Steel, Shazam

    and Wonder Woman, hated BvS and Suicide Squad, and didn’t see Justice League, Joker or Aquaman. It was funny, frenetic, colorful and the fight scenes were great. Hands down, Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn. Just brilliant. I liked the movie had people of color and queer characters. They didn’t beat you over the head with it. It just was there. I will see this again and buy the DVD. Also, it was great to see this was directed and written by a woman.

    As a movie company that put out Harry Potter, it is a surprise how poorly they market and cross market Wonder Woman, Harley & Them, and Shazam.

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