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SMR 394: Top Gun: Maverick

Rod and Karen review the long awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverik. We also discuss a few trailers and your feedback for Train to Busan.


  1. Teamwombraider

    Although I enjoyed the film. I believe it’s due to nostalgia. Enjoyed all the eighties songs. The ariel views from the cockpit. The middle aged relationship with Penny & how he was left behind instead.
    The misses hadn’t seen the first one so I rented prior to watching this film.
    Overall, how can I not enjoy old Tom, running real hard all over the place. He’s like the American version of Jackie Chan, just running .
    Thank you for the review.

    Runnin 76

  2. trojanscooter

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Seeing Val Kilmer being the elder statesman of Top Gun and protecting Pete was good. The scene where Pete went to visit Ice at home was emotional. Seeing Pete flying the experimental plane left me with this question: who would you rather fly your million dollar plane: Pete “Maverick” Mitchell or Hal Jordan?

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