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SMR 405: Bullet Train

Rod and Karen review the action comedy “Bullet Train.” We also discuss movie trailers and your comments on “Nope” and “The Gray Man.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    Hello Rod and Karen, I must have dozed off while scrolling on IG only to come to The Menu trailer on my screen. I at first thought that this was a commercial for a restaurant before realizing that it was a movie and laughing my way to “yeah no.” I may check out on streaming.


    A bonkers movie. Also, it serves as a final blockbuster coda for the summer, since things slow in August. I did wish the plot & characters had more depth. David Leitch films nail the action, they just don’t on the narrative end (see Atomic Blonde & Hobbs & Shaw). For what it was, this was a fun, crazy ride.

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