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BDS 420: Stupid 201

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Henry Ruggs DUI resulting in death, Aaron Rodgers lies about being vaccinated, Cleveland Browns in turmoil, Robert Sarver allegations released, Marshawn Lynch cussing on live TV, Quenneville resigns over NHL scandal, U.S. Open ticket scam, Calvin Ridley taking mental health break, Marcus Smart mad about lack of passing, NAACP encourages athletes not to go to TX sports teams, Kofi Cockburn suspended, NBA transition fouls, Ben Simmons still hasn’t returned, Deshaun Watson rumors, Von Miller cursed Halloween party,  Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews epic costume, Colin Cowherd ready to risk it all for Joy Taylor, Joakim Noah analogy game needs work, Floyd has Kyrie’s back, Scottie Pippen mad at MJ, Matt DiBenedetto deletes Twitter account, Brittany Renner talks about trapping PJ, Longhorns delete tweet, Randall Cunningham says Gruden not racist, Nash says Kyrie welcome back if vaccine mandate changes, Lehner wishes players would step up, Mets dugout fight and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin’.

BDS 419: The Top 75 NBA Dicks List

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Suns owner in trouble, Yaya Mayweather facing 20 years, Brittany Renner claps back, Frank Clark gets additional gun charge, Simon Biles still scared to do gymnastics, Richard Jefferson vs Balls Boy, Tom Brady’s 600 TD ball, Zach Wilson’s mom anti-vax, Delonte West struggling again, Urban Meyer cotume, Jon Gruden says Bezos buying WFT, drunk fan tries to get in Ravens’ booth, Derek Carr want us to forgive Gruden, antivax reporter lands new gig, Kyrie protestors, Lebron yells at Cam Payne, Stephen A Smith thirsting over Iggy Azalea, Abella Danger at the baseball game, retired NFL players sentence in medical fraud, Squad Game director mad at Lebron, Kyle Beach reveals he was John Doe in sexual assault investigation, Stan Kroenke renegging, Cal McNair racism, James Harden not getting calls, Favre pays back MS but not interest, Brittany Matthews makes history, DK Metcalf put on blast for wanting foursome, Patrick Chung charge with domestic violence, Enes Kanter keeping it REAL AF, Kyrie Irving NBA 2k22, Kwame Brown hating on AD, Gonzaga Coach DUI, Mayweather rejects photo with teen boy, boxer kills bear, Jon Gruden buy out and Christiano Ronaldo expecting twins.

BDS 418: Simmo The Savage

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Simmons saga continues, Sean Taylor dedication goes bad, Richard Sherman gets owned on Twitter, Nick Rolovich fired for not getting vaxxed, Ed Orgeron macking, Jeff Pash, Cam is vaxxed, Urban Meyer saga continues, Mario Edwards Jr sued, Allison Williams out at ESPN, Evander Kane suspended for fake vax card, Kazee arrested for DWI, The Chicago Sky mock Taurasi, DeShaun Watson’s trade demands, Mya G at the Chargers game, former Patriots player guilty of scamming, Aaron Rodgers slams PC Woke culture, Deion Sanders has Brittany Renner a speaker, China pulls Celtics games off the air, Kyle Kuzma throwing shade, Brandon Goodwin vaccine comments, Kyler Murray, KAT demands good reasons for avoiding vaccine, Nick Kyrgios cheating, Black condom company sponsors college player, Mav’s work culture and Uh Oh These Niggas Fighting!

BDS 417: Independency

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Jon Gruden, Kyrie Irving, Chuck Liddell arrested, Texas A&M fine for fans, Van Gundy mocks Kyrie, The Curry’s rumored divorce, Kanter wants Lebron to speak up, Ben Simmons hold out over, Lala Anthony discusses divorce, WFT places trainer on leave, Adam Schefter let’s sources edit their articles, WFT retiring Sean Taylor’s jersey, NJ Devils supporting Black owned business, La’el Collins tried it, boobs at the baseball games, Gymnastics stars calls for the ouster of US Olympic directors, Adrien Broner arrested again, LaVar Ball 895 new shoes, OJ Simpson speaks out on Gruden, Jordan Brand head admits to murder and Uh Oh! These niggas fighting!

BDS 416: No Hands

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Urban Meyer in the club, Andrew Wiggins got the shot, WNBA players suspended after fight video leaks, Sage Steele suspended, Bomani Jones gets show on HBO, MJ donating to BLM orgs, Bubba Wallace wins race, Cole Beasley being stupid, former NASCAR driver killed attacking his ex, Unvaccinated NBA players in Canada could face jail, 18 NBA players caught in defrauding ring, Marcus Maye arrest, Kyrie Irving, Big Papi shooter killed, Terrelle Pryor arrested again, NFLPA split over DeMaurice Smith, Fuck Ben Simmons chant, Stephen A mad at Lebron, AI wants to be a part of the 6ers and Uh Oh These Niggas Fighting!

BDS 415: •théCAMnéwtônCÖNSP1RACY•

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA vaccine hesitancy, Sage Steele gets vaxxed, Dez Bryant talks on Kap, US Soccer finally paying men and women the same, Gabrielle Union on surrogacy, AD gets married, La’el Collins suspended, Ben Simmons might sit out season, FSU fan tells women to not sleep with players, Atlanta Falcons cut punter, proposal fail, Warrior fined for NOT tampering, K’Vaughan Pope suspended, Jackson Mahomes wilding, Deshaun Watson GF video, Jon Jones arrested AGAIN, MJ’s son arrested, racist hockey player, Simon Biles reflect on Olympics, Rachel Bush was in the game despite vaccine mandate, Richard Sherman going to Bucs, Jay Williams off of NBA at ESPN, OR coach accused of racism, Eagles want Deshaun Watson, First Take ratings down, Stefon Diggs being messy, Super Bowl halftime show and These Niggas Fighting!

BDS 414: Step Daddy Season

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss KAT has Jordyn’s back, Tyler Herro causes woman to crash her car, Kwame Brown is upset about Westbrook in a dress, NFL ratings up, NBA won’t mandate vaccines for players, Junior Galette, Kyle Turley defends Clinton Portis, Kendra Lust posts butt pic to celebrate NFL return, Panthers mixed reality video, Texans reject offer for Watson, Brittany has Pat’s back, Falcons fan lights up, Cedric Ceballos off ventilator but still in ICU, RG3 says he was bullied for not being Black enough, Dana White upset with media calling out fighter’s low pay, These Niggas Fighting, Brittany Renner, Raiders fans protest mask mandates, Packers fans want Aaron Rodgers to break up with his fiancee, Conor McGregor wants to fight MGK, Eli Manning talking shit to Peyton, Frank Caliendo, Navy Coach fired for not getting shot, Bills fans angry about vaccine mandate, Nick Young advice, Calvin Johnson vs the Lions, Kyrie causing confusion, Zlatan still talking about Lebron, Kenny Mayne speaks out on ESPN, college coach will buy bear for fans, maggots in ketchup, assistant coach let go for not being vaccinated, Stephen A on athletes not getting vaccinated, Bucks make history, NFLPA reinstates Josh Gordon and The Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


BDS 413: U A Suc Abyss

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, MJ gambling, Naomi Osaka taking a break, Brazil soccer match suspended over social distancing, Sha’Carri, Bishop Sycamore isn’t a school, Deion Sander wants names on jerseys, Sloane Stephens dealing with racist abuse, Stephen A wants the NFL to mandate vaccines, Cedric Ceballos in ICU, MMA fighter brings sex toy to weigh in, Saints in Jacksonville, Rose Bowl ran out of alcohol before kick-off, fans brawls, Tom Brady had Covid, stripper making fake shot cards for players, Ana Montana says it was photoshop, Richard Sherman accused of cheating, Simon Biles flexes on haters, Brittany Matthews claps back, Paul Pierce, Clinton Portis pleads guilty, Joy Taylor, Stephen A will debate fans, College football crowd chant against Joe Biden, Stefon Diggs threatened by rapper’s crew, NFL coaches worried about players attending college games, Paul Pierce gets creepy, Trevon Digg’s son meets Dak, Washington narrows down names, Lamar Jackson still not talking about shot, Oscar out of hospital, Delmon Young arrested, murder for hire scheme on Kobe’s accuser revealed, Tim Anderson cheating, Highly Questionable canceled, sideline reporter leaves ESPN over vaccine mandate, D’Andre Swift and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.

BDS 412: Head Over Heels

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cam Newton cut, Mets booing controversy, Pat radio announcer apologizes, Bishop Sycamore “school”, NBA refs required to be vaccinated, Khloe Kardashian, Evander Kane accuses wife of hitting him, Ben Simmons demands trade, PGA tour cracks down on heckling, guy caught at game while calling in to work sick, MLB vaccination refusals, announcer talks about player getting salad tossed, Juan Encarnacion arrested, Katya Elise pregnant, MJ’s draws, Coal Beasley, Kirk Cousins’ leadership questioned, Ana Montana toting a gut full of LaMelo, Grizzlies retiring jerseys, Mets GM gets DUI, man falls to death at Derby football stadium, unvaccinated NBA players may be barred from arenas, Sha’Carri trolled online again, Bucs 100% vaccinated, TX house passes anthem law and Bugs Bunny baller.

BDS 411: Chivalry or Shivery

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Rachel Nichols and the Jump are canceled, the Curry’s getting a messy divorce, Sha’Carri acting out on social media, First Take drama, old Magic Johnson interview, former Hurricanes player has charges dropped, Ana Montana, Nerlen Noel suing Rich Paul, Brittany Renner news, Bills coronavirus protocols, LSU fan upset with vaccine mandate, KD supports Lebron, Ambar Nicole accuses Ja’Marr Chase of hitting her, Zach Wilson mom probably MAGA, fan caught cheating at game, DB transfers rather than get vaccinated, Fighting Irish is offensive, kids looking at boobs, Bruce Arians, Jermall Charlo arrested for robbery, Steelers fight, fart on Soccer show, Joy Taylor being harassed, Kirk Cousins vs disease expert, Manchester City suspends player and Deshaun Watson could be a healthy scratch all year.

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