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SMR 288: Bad Boys For Life

Rod and Karen review the 3rd movie in the Bad Boys franchise, “Bad Boys For Life.” We also discuss movie trailers and a feedback comment for The Rise of Skywalker.

SMR 287: Brittany Runs A Marathon

Rod and Justin discuss the Jillian Bell comedy, “Brittany Runs A Marathon.”

SMR 286: Motherless Brooklyn

Rod and Justin review the Ed Norton director noir flick, “Motherless Brooklyn.”

SMR 285: Just Mercy

Rod and Justin review the Micheal B Jordan legal drama, “Just Mercy.”

SMR 284: Dark Waters

Rod and Justin review the legal drama “Dark Waters.” We also discuss your feedback for some of our previous reviews.

SMR 283: 1917

Rod and Justin review the World War 1 action thriller, “1917.”

SMR 282: Knives Out

Rod and Justin review Rian Johnson’s murder mystery “Knives Out.”

SMR 281: Bombshell

Rod and Justin review 53% focused Me Too drama, “Bombshell.”

SMR 280: Uncut Gems

Rod and Justin review Adam Sandler’s dramatic thriller, “Uncut Gems.”

SMR 279: Honey Boy

Rod and Justin review Shia Lebeouf’s coming of age drama, “Honey Boy.” We also discuss your feedback to our latest reviews.

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