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For those who’ve seen the movie, don’t plan on seeing the movie or just don’t give a fuck about spoilers.

SMR 197: The Equalizer 2

Rod and Karen review Denzel’s action suspense sequel “The Equalizer 2.” We also discuss trailer and your comments.

SMR 196: Sorry To Bother You

Rod and Karen review Boots Riley’s directorial debut “Sorry To Bother You.”

SMR 195: Skyscraper

Rod and Karen review The Rock’s latest Impossible White Man Movie “Skyscraper.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback.

SMR 194: Ant-Man And The Wasp

Rod and Karen review Marvel’s sequel to 2015’s Ant-Man, “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” We also talk trailers and your feedback.


SMR 193: Ocean’s Eight

Rod and Karen review the latest heist movie in the Ocean’s franchise, “Ocean’s Eight.” We discuss some trailers and your feedback as well.

SMR 192: Uncle Drew

Rod is joined by John to discuss the NBA free agency and Uncle Drew. It’s a great conversation that’s not just about the movie. Enjoy.

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John’s Blog

SMR 191: SuperFly

Rod is joined by TKO from The Podcast to review the blaxploitation opus “SuperFly.”

TKO’s Podcast

Fiyastarter Twitter

SMR 190: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Rod and Karen review the latest dino disaster movie, “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.” We also discuss trailers and listener feedback.


SMR 189: The Incredibles 2

Rod and Karen discuss new movie trailers and the much awaited animated sequel, “Incredibles 2.”

SMR 188: Hotel Artemis

Rod and Karen review the criminal action thriller “Hotel Artemis.” We also talk trailers and your feedback to our review of Upgrade.

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