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304: Cheese Executive Officer

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  1. Miss Krysable

    HAHAHAHAHA! OMGOODNESS I <3 you guys soo much!!! I first started listening to this episode in the middle of my Saturday AM running around right at the part when yall started reading my long behind rant and Chillington the Greatest Eva called and interrupted!! I almost had an accident on myself I know I know TMI but just keeping it 100. Then I decided to be bold and listened to the whole podcast Mr Moody style while at the gym. Luckily I didn't fall off of nothing or break anything (success!!) Matter fact I'm just going to add listening to yall while hitting the elliptical as apart of endurance training kinda like how pimp daddy Matthew Knowles made Beyonce n dem run in heels and tube tops while singing. Plus all that laughing counts for like -74 calories/minute and it works your core.

    Ok ok ok so first of all my comments and voicemail from last week is why I don't do drugs, I don't need to. Matter fact fall semester during my senior year in college we did smoke some Cloves while drinking and chewing on minty gum (mmm tasty). Yeah we did that until we found out that cloves weren't the cloves in the spice rack and were as worse as regular cigarettes that and black n milds so we stopped that. Then we smoked a lil weed and realized that we needed all the brain cells we had to get through these finals and stopped that as well. So I wrote all that to say that I like cloves I even use the spice ones in teas and ham n everything and that my natural eccentricities motivate me not to use narcotics. So Clove Nilla if I hurt your feelings I am sorry but your job in middle management has polluted your maple syrup eating, free healthcare and education having innocent Canadian brain. And I'm telling you dude once you quit that job and re-listen to yourself calling that lady giving her boss a kidney a jerk you'll be like "*GASP*! Did I really say that? Shame on me. Ey?" I thought I had Chonilla on my podcast rotation but I don't surprisingly, but I do remember having cutesy kid convo with Shirley Chocho on twitter hmm. Hmm I feel like I just contradicted myself like dude from Seattle talking bout black dudes who don't date black women don't hate themselves because his brother in law who's married to a white woman has black friends but the other black dudes in Seattle have re-vitaligo (shout out to Uncle Ruckus). Like I like smoking cancerous cloves and I'm ok with the man Clove. Also I don't do drugs but I smoked a lil weed, black n milds and cancerous cloves way back in the day.

    Any who to get to the most important matter at hand. Do I support cunnilingus??? Hmm do I?????
    Of course I do! I'm just a straight girl who goes through too many "what if" scenarios in my mind like what if I'm presented with a vagina in my face what would I do and my first instinct would be to scrunch up my face and repel the pussy. Kinda like the female version of Larion n dem from Man Listen who had their dick sucked prior to performing pussy licking. I had the opposite situation where I was eaten out years before I dined on the man meat. FYI I'd scrunch up my face and repel them non cunnilingualist coons if they ever came in my face too. Overall I have been known to fall asleep while listening to podcasts and dream about the podcasters and the topics they talk about like me dreaming Rodren had a baby and were happy about it….
    Matter fact….I did dream about pussy eating after falling asleep listening to a podcast during the height of some intense sexual frustration about a year ago…the man who was eating me out was none other than the good doctor from the BK Aaron Rand Freeman *gasps* *clutches pearls*!!! I already hear him screeching "MA'AM!" HAHAHAHA! I just burned 154 calories right now! That's pretty much why I didn't ever approach him at the Blacking It Up events, oh the shame, embarrassment and moistness…. But lucky I'm past that stage in my life wish y'all were sponsored by Adam and Eve back then but I can make up my naughty go bag for emergency situations *Gabby Sigh*.

    Any who, love yall xoxo,

    Miss Krysable

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