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SMR 10: The Heat


Rod and Karen are joined by Andrew from FilmGeekRadio.com to discuss The Heat.

Check out Andrew’s website HERE.


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  1. jmpoff178

    Ayyo, Melissa McCarthy FTW man. I am SO deep in love with that woman’s mind! Haven’t got into her show Mike&Molly because I am not a fan of Mike. The character nor the actor. Otherwise that might b my favorite sitcom right now! Also I gotta say I loved Marlon n Sandra’s “relationship”. He was SO obvious about wantin her and true to her character she was so oblivious too it! Mullins even at one point told him “this is just sad. Step ya game up.” But he was tryin as hard as he could short of rapein the woman n she jus wanted no parts! Lol. Towards the end she softened up and I think sumem may happen with them in the sequel. Don’t think it’s America not bein “ready” cuz don’t Idris b wit white women? I know he was in Prometheus(Charlize), idk if u count that. N when I seen Sandy go from terrified of black people opposite Luda in Crash to Immpossible White Woman opposite that big black dude in Blindside I knew “this white bitch can act!” And I had faith in her too pull off the buddy cop thing wit my girl Melissa, who steals EVERY movie she’s in.

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