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Vacation Time!

Oh you best believe I got that tat. It hurt a lot but I’m good. Thug life.

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Thug Life!

Well we’ve been working hard for many episodes straight and we’re preparing to take a week off after Saturday’s feedback show. In the mean time there’s plenty to listen to for the fans. Premium members will still get more premium shows. We’ve done more episodes of The Nerd Off, Balls Deep and we have a brand new spin off show, Them Real House Husbands.

We also did guest appearances on other shows. They are all on Stitcher and iTunes. You can find them by searching the names of the shows. Check them out below:

Rod was on episode 25 of  The Dream Team and Karen was on episode 26. You can check it out HERE.

Rod was on Cinema Fix talking Man of Steel. Check it out HERE.

Rod was on Where’s My 40 Acres the Boob Tube talking about the latest episode of Catfish. Check it out HERE.

Oh and the Bobcats got the most skilled big man in the draft.


  1. NatashaP

    Whew! Glad I’ll have premium content to tide me over . . . I might have gone into withdrawal otherwise.

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  2. yourhoodlawyer

    Y’all goin’ leave us for a week? THE FUCK???? After EVERYTHING we done for y’all, y’all—

    Oh, we still got Premium shows? Aiight cool. Enjoy y’alls time off! Have a good 4th.

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