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512: America Isn’t A Melting Pot


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Rod and Karen discuss Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin, giving trolls attention, going to the movies, movie food, Snapped, smartphones at weddings, Rae Dawn Chong on Oprah, Kanye, Octomom welfare fraud, calories don’t matter, FAA shooting at drones, cougar specializes in virgins, disability fraud and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    Notice how the people that blame Obama for making the Trayvon shooting about race never quite make sense. Obama made a calm, thoughtful speech about the situation, and they went nuts, complaining about how if it was a white kid it wouldn’t be a national story. A few months back after the Newtown shooting, the president showed extremely rare emotion for those 20-plus white kids. What were the critics saying then? “Why aren’t you worried about gun violence in Chicago?” So Obama invites Hadiya Pendleton’s family to the State of the Union and mentions her by name along with the Newtown kids. Critics said “…um, stop trying to take our guns away!”

    He really is the president we need right now. Because if it was me, I would have already fought about 4 niggas right out on the White House lawn, especially in my second term.

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