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LSG 7: Know Your Food


Karen is joined by Wardee Harmon to discuss getting more from real food, raising animals and gardening.

Wardee’s Website


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  1. terror-lyn

    Karen you are finding the best folk to interview. I am loving this show. As a foodie though and the “Mikey” of my family, I can tell kombucha tea is very much an acquired taste. Don’t let the fruity names fool you. Part of the by-product of the carbonation Wardee spoke of is acetic acid (vinegar) and trust me you can taste it.

    I must feel like Rod when he’s editing though. I find myself talking you saying, “Karen don’t let that lady trip you up, you know what that is!” Homeboy told you last week about sauerkraut being cabbage.

    Anyway, I LOOOVE your show, it might be my favorite of the premium (House Husbands are close). Im running out of time in the day to listen to all these shows you two have put me on.


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