Guess who came back from break working hard? We did! We did more premium podcast in our off week. Premium listeners can find them on the RSS feed and on the site. But you know that’s nothing to a player like us!

So we did a ton of guest spots on other shows and you might want to check them out. You can find all of these on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the show names.

Rod and Karen were on the Insanity Check Podcast Episode 400: Dear White People

Rod and Karen were on Black Astronauts Podcast: Take That Take That

Rod was on the Insanity Check Podcast Episode 401: Distraction.

Rod was on The Boobtuebe: Ep. 4 LeVourne Who? talking about the latest episode of Catfish

Rod was on The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones talking Trayvon and the New Black Panthers

Rod was on Playing Dead Podcast talking about the Walking Dead video game

Rod was on Movie Trailer Reviews review of Pacific Rim

All that in ONE week! Top that other podcast!