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513: It’s All Up To “2 Guns” Now


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Rod and Karen are joined by Montoyis and Kev of Beatin Da Block podcast to discuss basketball racism, 2 Guns, brandishing things, condom distribution, Allen West, Tavis Smiley, Zimmerman supporter rally, Zimmerman saves a black man, mother stripper, Queen of IRS fraud, rooftop sex fail, kidnapping suspect, snorting mom and sword ratchetness.

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Guest Website: http://beatindablock.com/

And they’re on Twitter: @adamandeve


  1. Cybersoulja

    I’m listening back to my appearances on the show. All of the episodes featuring me should be tagged as premium content! – Kevo

  2. NicJu

    I love how Karen uses the word congugate for congregate. LOVE IT.

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