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TNO 23: America Is Robophobic


Rod is joined by Karen, Kriss and Sterling to discuss what we’ve been watching and playing, unboxing videos, free Xbox One games, PSN crashes during launch, 47 Ronin, Robocop, Gamestop Launch events, fake PS4 issues, 1080 P, Transformer game, Hour man, Ms Marvel, Daredevil TV show rumors, buy 2 get 1 PS4 games, Honest trailers, MI 5, FXX buys Simpsons, Walking Dead prequel, Netflix picks up The Killing, Independence Day 2, 50 Shades delayed, No 3D Blurays for next gen yet, Killzone cyse article, ripping off Kickstarter, Netflix and Marvel.

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  1. disregardjordan

    Whoops, hit the comment button too early

    Anyways, since a lot of sites put Xbox in a negative light for banning him, Major Nelson actually hit him up and had about an hour long conversation with him. Basically, he explained all the embargo dates to him, invited him to the official XB1 launch in New York, and his console will be unbanned a week before launch.

    I only know some of this because I know the guy personally, from the YouTube gaming community.

  2. disregardjordan

    That story about the guy who got his Xbox One banned early actually will have a good ending for him. Since the story was getting framed in a negative way f

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