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585: Dinner And A Show


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Rod and Karen discuss their trip to Durham, meeting Chris Lamberth, Phonte and Chris Hardwich, brunch with fan/friends, The Best Man Holiday, Kids for Cash scheme, TDE’s CEO mad at GQ, evil twin defense, Facebook privacy, waitress not given tip by homophobes, Burt’s Bees apology, Macklemore religion, cops shoot at minivan, Renisha McBride.

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  1. Dep Dan

    Dear Karen and Rod

    I love your show first off, I have been listening for a little over a year now and I have loved every min of it. I can’t get enough. I am written in response to episode 585 Dinner and a show, I am happy that you two are doing well on your podcast. Anyways at the end of your show you had an article in your Fucking with black people segment that I felt I had to write in about.
    I have so many mixed emotions mostly because I am black and I am a Deputy Sheriff in Florida ( I know Oh Florida). I can see this from the black perspective, and I see this from the Law Enforcement side as well. When this women drove off on the officer she indeed fled, and the officer attempted to regain control, she should not have pulled off in the first. She was driving 71 in a 55, and she was only going to get a ticket but she pulled off and made it worse. Do I think she should have been shot at for that no. I know she might have been mad but she must understand that when an officer tells you not to move, you must not move. If it was me in the situation I would have also been vary upset, I would have wanted her out of the vehicle ASAP. Now if she refused I would explain to her that this could get worse. It seemed that she was going to be placed under arrested for fleeing the scene, which she should. In regards to the son coming out of the vehicle and walking up on the officer I would have pulled my TAZER as well. The first officer on scene did everything right . . . well for the most part. This traffic stop got out of hand vary quickly, this officer should have use more people skills than force.
    With that said, do I think that this was motivated by race? I don’t know, there was nothing that was said that showed me that this was motivated purely by race, did these officers over react HELL yes. You never fire on a van full of kids just because they were driving off, matter a fact I can’t think of any situation where you would fire on a van full of kids. The officer that fired was trigger happy and should not be allowed to carry a gun and badge.
    I think the biggest problem is that the people we are suppose to protect are afraid of us, if this lady did not have this fear of law enforcement she might have not drove off in the first place. I know how it is to grow up being racially profiled, this is why I wanted to be a COP, and I wanted to change it from the inside. I know some great COPS and yes I know some Assholes that do nothing but fuck with people. Black or White, but yea mostly black.
    Well on a lighter note, was I the only one that thought that mom was looking fine? She would have gotten a warning from me for sure. Anyways keep up the good work, I love you guys, and you keep me grounded and keep might late nights patrol entertaining.
    P.S sorry for leaving such a long comment.

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