Well if you’re a premium member then you already know we’ve been very hard at work doing more premium shows. We started Off Season Reviews and Impossible White Man Movie Reviews in addition to the new episodes of Lip Smacking Good, Medium Talk, The Nerd Off and Balls Deep. You can find them all on the premium page.

In addition to all of that we’ve also been guest on other people’s podcasts. You can find them all by searching iTunes or Stitcher radio.

Karen was on the I’m Black He’s Mexican Podcast Episode 15: I Just Saved A Bunch Of Money By Switching To Google

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Rod was on The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones 3/10/14

Rod was on the Agents of Shieldcast recap of “Yes Men”

Rod was on the Stays Kruncy In Milk: A Pod Called Cast episode 4: Victorious B.I.G.