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BDS 45: Global African American


Rod and Justin discuss the Redskins, Jeanie Buss, Paul George catfished, Nick Young robbed, Cam Newton’s bum ankle, Mercer wife, Vick is a Jet, Jackson gets released from Eagles, Belle Knox offering pocket pussy, Adam Silver says ads coming to jerseys, goalpost moved up, no dunks in the NFL, Jim Irsay had 29k, Cavs fan ejected, Incognito on Twitter again, Shaq play too much, Mark Jackson reassigns coach, Ray Rice indicted, radio host uses the bathroom on air, Roddy White holds up on bet, Cabrera is paid and this week in Mamba.

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

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  1. Cradicus

    If you don’t watch the full Spreecast version of this episode you are missing out on like an hour of fantastic Rod/Justin discussion about music, BET Uncut, and the plots and messages of BET Uncut videos, including a full breakdown of J Shin’s “classic” Baby Mama Drama! The only thing that made this better is that by the end of the show there was a serious discussion about nuance in racial identity politics. This was a fantastic episode that really shows just how wide-ranging and crazy this show is!

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