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684: The King And Pie


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Rod and Karen are joined by Patrice and Justin to discuss #DemThrones, Diddy speaking at Howard, Colbert gets late night, writer calls Colbert black face, black girl wants in to Michigan, man doesn’t want to pay tax, rapper cuts off penis and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I was against the “Michigan” at first but she became one of my favorite people by the end. That statement moved me was the statement concerning the rigor of high school courses. We all know that means that if you are from black high school, we can disregard how well you preformed. You guys were spot on how Affirmative Action has been framed by a majority of the population. College are not turning away exceptional white students for mediocre black students. There is nothing on earth purer then white male failure. If you a white man you didn’t get something then you really didn’t deserve that shit.

  2. Butterbean

    A rape room with a track where their loved ones can watch. Yall are going to give the producers some ideas.

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