Party time…

In addition to new episodes of the podcast and premium shows. We’ve been busy doing guest spots on different podcasts. Here are the latest ones. As always you can find these on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the name of the show.

Rod was on Mak and D Watch TV discussing Scandal episode “The Fluffer”.

Karen was on Mak and D Watch TV discussing The Walking Dead season 4 ending.

Rod was on Movie Trailer Reviews talking about Agents of Shield “Turn, Turn, Turn” with Kriss and Kev.

Rod was on the Scandal Fan Podcast with Jaha and Langston discussing The Fluffer as well. Hey what can I say… I love Scandal.

Rod was on The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones 4/7/14 talking about Derek from UCONN and the RZA’s movie career.

Rod was on Agents of Shieldcast discussing “Turn Turn Turn”. Check it out.