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SMR 34: X-Men Days Of Future Past

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Rod is joined by Karen and Sterling to discuss Brian Singer’s “X-Men Days Of Future Past”.

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  1. Rodimus Prime

    They could’ve explained that they had secondary mutations. It would’ve literally taken one second but okay.

  2. butterbean

    Okay. Now I’m hearing Sterling complain about the 70’s sentinels looking unintimidating. I was complaining because they looked way too polished for something being invented in the 70’s. They should have stuck with the clunky design they had in the books where they wore big underwear. It was the 70’s! Take a look at the big ass computers and cameras they had back then.

    And Karen is right on about how Magneto failed to keep Wolverine stable when he injured Kitty. Seriously, none of them didn’t think to hold him down?

  3. butterbean

    I think that Kitty Pryde’s psychic time travel power can be explained because the mutants in the X-books have experienced secondary mutations before. Emma Frost was only a telepath and around ten years ago, she aquired the ablilty to transform her body into diamond form. There have been other secondary mutations in the comics as well, but I think that Emma’s is the only one that have stuck.

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