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751: Stephen Apology Smith


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Rod and Karen discuss Stephen A Smith apologizing, Michele Bachamann, Nicki Minaj, Judge falls asleep in court, Comic Con, Keith Urban, gun fight at dr’s office, spoiled girl back in the news, KKK recruiting blacks, pregnant woman put in choke hold, fertility clinic racism, donut shop ban, cat killer, ATM, lawnmower man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    Apparently, America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry had to literally beat this asshole off a woman who was cosplaying! And a teenage girl who attended the convention was found beaten on the side of the road. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year they take some extreme measures to try and curb this shit. What other choice do they have? A lot women buy comic books now and should be able to celebrate them with out worrying about getting attacked.

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