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852: Glittery Gay Blood


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Rod Karen and Justin are joined by Nicole and Reggie of What’s the Tea for a special Christmas Eve show. We discuss What’s the Tea joining Twib, Jodeci has a new video, The Cosby Show, BallerAlert, Stevie J goes to rehab, Lupe Fiasco dresses in Klan garb, abstinent gay people can now give blood, Smurda’s charges, Mike Brown song, Idris can’t be Bond, man sets woman’s house on fire, horse sex, stabbing, Jesus for Jewish celebration and gay sword ratchetness.

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  1. Butterbean

    Their technical issues sounds like “The Read” intros.

  2. Kyle

    To be honest, I forgot all about Lupe Fiasco since I haven’t heard any of his new music lately. I did hear him on Big Krits new album, and I have to say… I was not impressed. Also, dude is still trying to police black women on their use of the word bitch. Yet, I hear he rides for Iggy’s wack ass.

  3. Chris from Hawaii

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Right at the beginning when Reggie said, “We got to have you on our show Justin” and Nic immediately said, “No we don’t.” I knew it was gonna be ratchet.

  4. Chris from Hawaii

    Such a funny episode! Even the delay had it’s bonuses (like hearing Nicole’s voice echoing over and over in my hear – bonus!). But the piece de resistance was Karen’s laugh at the 56:18 point all the way to around 58:40 is so epic. It was hitting her in waves and I was dying right along with her. Then you had all of those one hitta quittas from the whole crew but when Reggie said the Red Cross testing for gays showed glitter in the blood? I damn near had a spasm it was so funny. Justin’s Bahamas story; Rod talking ’bout Frequent Fucker Miles. Such greatness!

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