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934: Blackademic Beef


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rae, Jim and Neruda from The Three A Negroes Podcast to discuss how much we love their podcast, how they all met, Michael Eric Dyson dresses down Cornel West, BallerAlert, Soccer sex, bad mom, road rage and sword ratchetness.

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  1. nmb

    I heard about it from you & Bomani chatting on The Evening Jones podcast, I decided to give yall a spin.

    From your summary of verbal masturbationist Dyson, apparently all Prof. Dyson does is ad hominem attacks on Prof. West, and does not address the right-wing, 1%er hack Obama Reagan Jr’s right-wing, anti-Progressive policies, such as killing the Public Option Health insurance that Obama promised in his 2008 campaign; Grand Ripoff “Bargain” to slash Social Security & Medicare; the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) rigged-trade; Monopolist Corporate Welfare Agreement, that is likely to further decrease American employment & income as NAFTA did; dictator-style drone-murders of multiple innocent US citizens in foreign nations, including a 16-year old innocent boy in Yemen, without any judicial court process whatsoever, the Most Transparent Admin Ever TM being the most secretive, and most punishing of heroic whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden, etc (I could go on).

    Here is a policy and reality-based take on the “Prof beef” by Glen Ford http://blackagendareport.com/dyson-attacks-west-4-hillary

    BTW, to all the Obamabots who claim “Obama is doing the best he can”, “if you criticize 0bama you love the Republicans”, etc, recall high school history class. It seems that many of our fellow USians, shockingly even a significant portion those with PhDs in a Social Studies field like Dyson, have no basic level historical perspective, that even a HS history course would have taught them. Pres. Lyndon Johnson, in office for ~5 years, pushed through the Civil Rights Act, established Medicare for the 65+ cohort, and the Clean Air Act. I suppose if Obamabots existed back then, they would criticize ML King for not be a noncritical Johnson rider (pun intended) as a Repub-Lie-Con supporter, a “hater”, or other such nonsense ala Dyson’s nonsensical “bashing” of West. Yet King, who had a great poltical/economic triple philosophy, not only of racial equality, but also of pro-economic security/social safety net, and anti-war/Empire (the latter 2 policies tend to get ignored by the current PTB). King criticized Johnson on POLICY when it differed from King’s policy, such as criticizing the Vietnam War.

    Support good Social Democratic, King-esque policy, consistently, not Dear Leader Cult of Personality Manchurian Candidate Criminals like Obama. Don’t be a inconsistent hack like Dyson or Prof Melissa Perry, that correctly criticizes a right-wing policy when Bush43 does it, but then do a 180 flip & apologize or support the same exact right-wing policy when Obama does the same thing.

    Anyways my $0.02. Good luck with your podcast, I enjoyed another segment of it I listened to. Cheers

  2. HC

    Man, I’m just out here on the dance floor partying, dancing with a few ladies, and just trying to enjoy our last 2 years with Obama. Then here come these dudes yelling “dear brother” all hostile-like. I have my opinions on the two sides, but you know the drill when the DJ plays that Lil Jon “Put Your Hood Up.” Imma make my way off the floor, might secretly push a dear brother or two on my way, and enjoy the petty from the sidelines. Them blackademics don’t play.

  3. Crad1cus

    I just want to say that I agree that Andrew Jackson is indeed the trillest president ever (besides the owning slaves and killing all the Indians part). Besides all the duels and stuff, there actually was an assassination attempt on him when he was president. When the assassin’s gun misfired Jackson proceeded to beat the hell out of the assassin with his cane! This was before the Secret Service so it was up to various congressmen to disarm the guy and get the president to safety. Sorry for the random tangent, this is one of my favorite random history things!
    Here’s a cartoon of the incident: http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/assassination-attempt-on-president-everett.jpg

  4. Michael Eric Dyson

    Grab your Glocks when you see Dyson
    Call the cops when you see Dyson
    Who shot me, but your punks didn’t finish
    Now you about to feel the wrath of a menace
    Nigga I hit em up!

    Take Money, take money.

  5. Mrs.West

    Loved this episode!!! the three a Negros team is hilarious! But next time don’t do baller alert with them or tell them to lighten up! They made my favorite and most ratchet part of TBGWT too serious! It’s not supposed to be serious! We know the baller alert ladies don’t have self esteem, use there pocket books to get men, are trifling and petty as hell! That’s what makes it good as shit! AND I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work!

  6. azulmanzana

    Fantastic show!!

    Brotha Dyson went after Brotha West like Madonna went after Drake! Also, I think it is a necessary thing that the Dyson/West imbroglio has blown open. The notion that we must maintain a facile unity in the face of the existential complexities of Black America in all its glory is false. Embracing public pettiness is just another step in integration.

  7. Tony

    These guys are hilarious. The comedy chemistry between you all made this one of the funniest episodes of the year, IMHO. I checked out they’re podcast and they were equally as funny. So TBGWT Nation, if you enjoyed this epsode check out their podcast. It’s definitely going to the top of the playlist que.

  8. SugahBabe

    I loved this episode! I love Rae and Neruda’s banter. Those Dear Brothas was hilarious!
    I’m so happy you covered Brotha West and Brotha Dyson’s War of Words. None of my friends nor even my sister who loves to read would touch that 9,000 word mini telenovela. I, too got my life from the literary barbs that MED dropped.

    Couple of non-illuminating thoughts:

    1. There were people online saying that they should have kept it private because it shows lack of black unity, etc. *rolls eyes*
    No. I disagree. We don’t all think alike. We’ve been fighting amongst ourselves forever and not just regular dear brothas but intellectual dear brothas been beefing since time immemorial. We’re not the only race to beef with each other and have disagreements. Let’s stop feeling ashamed when some of us beef publicly because at least it’s with words and not guns but most importantly, BRING. ON. THE. PUBLIC. PETTINESS.

    2. I also saw people saying MED was wrong for this and I was like, REALLY DEAR BROTHAS?! Didn’t Brotha West repeatedly come for Brotha MED and publicly too?! Come on. Was it petty? Yes. Could it have been said in a 1000 words? Yes.

    3. Both dem dear brothas got outlandishly huge egos and that’s what makes this blackademic beef so delicious. In the meantime, Dear Brotha Dyson is relishing in his public resurgence. I just read a synopsis of an interview he just did with The Root and that nigga, I mean, dear brotha’s feelings was HURT by Brotha West.

    4. Empire, Scandal and Being Mary Jane are now on a break. This is the black intellectual version to Love and Hip-Hop, or DBOP, Dear Brothas of Princeton with no drinks or chairs or punches thrown—yet. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

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