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935: Tyrese vs Yolie


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Rod and Karen discuss Dame Dash, condom balloon, Tyrese vs Yolie, Stelo accused of sexual assault, DEA sex parties, Allen West prays the injuries away, Twitter will let you dm anyone, 90,000 people apply for poor door, Ariana Grande break up, Sam Smith, Conan writer twitter tirade, FBI false testimony, Bali murderers get off light, horse thief, Ebola sex, street harassing rapper, trap gospel song, Rakia Boyd verdict, submissive black women, balleralert, cricket in the bag, teacher ass whooping and robo sword ratchetness.

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  1. FeltFive

    Whats good Rod and Karen. Great show as always. Man let me tell you, that fucking youtube video about “Black women acting different in interracial relationships” had me fuming. This asshole is obviously a coward who uses bird logic to come up with opinions on how to approach relationships.

    I’m a black man and have been married close to 7 years now to an amazing black woman who lets me know what’s on her heart and I have no issues with that. I love her, so I respect and value her opinion and we mostly make decisions together. If you’re in a relationship, whether interracial or within your own race, I don’t believe the relationship dynamic should be hinged on race. If it is, then the couple needs to step back and do some serious reflection on what constitutes a healthy partnership.

    You were both spot on when you called this guy a bitch ass nigga who probably doesn’t deserve the company of a black woman. I believe if he dated one, he would rehash this type of bullshit at the 1st sign of resistance to anything that he wants her to agree with.

    Also, this Scam Dust character sounds like a combination of a looney tune and an Everlast lite version (The dude from House of Pain). Anyway great work as always y’all. I don’t write in much, but me and my wife are always listening (hey boo). Y’all continue being awesome Dear sister Karen and dear brother Rod.

  2. Kyle

    That submissive black women video was extremely creepy, especially since that person listed weak as a desirable trait. And I feel sorry for those interracial couples whose videos he used. I doubt they knew this creepy asshole was going to use them to shit on black women. Thank god nobody introduced this doo doo head to the Chonilla podcast.

    As for that lawyer who was defending Utah’s bigotry, I have no idea what the hell he was talking about. I mean, he was talking about how his “side” had a rational reason for opposing gay marriage but, nothing he said made sense. And I do agree with you Rod, I wish people would stop entertaining every stupid argument that comes their way. I think the news started this trend years ago when they had those debates about Global warming.

  3. Cappadonna

    Update on those whack ass white rapper Scam Dust – ‘Corona’ is a section of Queens where basically its a bunch of racist ass white dudes who for some reason love hip-hop. Quintessential “Bro-Rap”. These dudes sounds like they haven’t listen to a rap group other than House of Pain or Insane Clown Posse.

    Now, never, ever EVER play that stuff again. I gotta bleach my ears after this.

  4. SugahBabe

    I was stuck in traffic while you read the story of the 8 year old blowing up the condom and I made the weirdest faces. People in other cars were looking at me strangely. THANKS DEAR BROTHA ROB!

  5. Animal Thug

    Maybe I was advanced as a kid but at 8 years old I would not have picked up a condom off the ground and put it to my lips. Even if it was a balloon that is still gross. Another reason why sex eds needs to happen in schools. At least the bare bones stuff so some kid doesn’t end up with love blisters on his lips.

  6. azulmanzana

    Quick aside: why do you have a labor law poster in the background? Always wondered about that.

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