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956: Don’t Get Married


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Rod and Karen are joined by Nettaaaaaaaa and Phenomblak to discuss #DemThrones and like nothing else guys. We literally didn’t cover a single other topic. This was the longest #DemThrones recap EVER!

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  1. Marcus

    I did the Weebay face when Rod reminded all of us that he’d called it when Margery was celebrating before she got into the endzone. Like, I remember when you originally said weeks ago, but I was dismissive as hell thinking, “Yeah, but Cersie really can’t do shit about it.” But Cersie was listening to TBGWT, cuz she peeped the power of homophobia and used it to her advantage. Now Margery and her brother are locked up, their granddaddy is on a business trip with an assassin, and Olenna is low key as stuck as a Crip in a Blood neighborhood. Cersie is still bound to mess this all up, but she’s being as petty as she can right now.

    As for everything else, I believe you guys handled the controversial scene as well as possible. I too get it if this was too much for some people, but it totally fits the story that’s being told, especially considering the character of Ramsey is an all out psychopath. It hurt to watch, and that was kind of the point, but I still respect the decision of those who feel like it went too far.

    That’s it, that’s all, love the show.

  2. Mike Mallory

    What up my dear brothers and sisters! I’m posting this before listening to the show, so if somebody brought this up, I apologize for being repetitive. But… What are the odds of Arya taking on the image of that girl she talked into drinking that poison water? It can’t be a coincedence that Arya gained an understanding of where the faces came from as a result of sacrificing a girl in her same age range? Also, shout out to Mr. Echo!!! As a fan of Lost, it was good to see my dude getting some screen time … even if he’s a pirate who sells dwarf cocks. Keep getting dem checks!

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