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955: A Bit Of A Nut


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Rod and Karen discuss cop bites a testicle, TX same sex marriage bill, Masonic black police conspiracy, feminist killed at university, women victim blamed for domestic violence, Lesbians gone lesbian, pastor caught on Grindr, dolls with disabilities, #KillAllWhiteMen, people stop listening to music at 33, f#cking with black people, water boarding the kid, chalkboard date and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Wonga_5

    this aussie lady saying woman are also at fault when they get hit by an abuser is embarrassing my country.

  2. Amani

    The ball biting cop is just a little too close to Prince Leron’s strategy of “defense” from Balls Deep Sports if you ask me. Just bad all around.

    I thought about disagreeing with Karen about racism not needing an element of power vs bigotry but at that point it’s academic. While my definition has more to do with reinforcing the construct of race, at the end of the end of the day we agree on the larger point and don’t want to lose that splitting hairs. Bigots are bigots, anybody can be one and it’s always fucked up.

    Anyway love and appreciate y’all both. The content is amazing and the work ethic is even greater. Get that jet fund!

  3. Afrodiva

    It wasn’t at 33, but I’m one of those who have stopped listening to new music. I am just so underwhelmed with the quality of what is put out today. Not that there wasn’t always shitty fun music, but there used to be a balance between that and really good music. It seems like it’s just so hard to find in mainstream music today. I don’t want to have turn my mind off to be able to enjoy what I’m listening to all the time. Man, the lyrics are just awful. I can’t.

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