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BDS 113: Hating Ass Reggie


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Robert Allenby lying again, Russian soccer racism, Bill Simmons going to HBO, Pedro on Cowherd, Bernard Berrian, Damond Powell shot, woman allowed to compete with higher testosterone levels, Manute Bol’s son, Tom Brady suspension upheld, Jen Welter, Mexico soccer coach, Paul Pierce, Vin Baker, Donnie Tyndall, Britney Griner got a new girl, Mike Scott messing up, Sheldon Richardson, Gilbert Arenas, JPP, Scandrick restraining order over turned, Martin retires at 25, Marcus Morris on Twitter, Ronda Rousey, Janae Marie, Junior Galette goes to Washington, Frank Kaminsky and this week in Mamba.


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  1. PattoC

    Hi Rod, Karen and Justin. Pat from Perth, Australia. Been listening to you guys for over 6 months and just went premium a couple weeks ago. You guys get me through my boring ass accounting job and dealing with white people every day. Many thanks, really appreciate the shows, keep bringing it.

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