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BDS 121: Happy 50th Scottie


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the NFL week 2 recap, Balls Deep Fantasy league, listener feedback, Larry Johnson child support, Icy Hot tactic, ass eating in the NBA, Gilbert Arenas baby mama drama, Paul George playing power forward, Tristan working on his deal, John Jay, Kane rape trial controversy, Steve Nash stealing from the Warriors now, Anthony Bennett paid out, Kyrie baby mama drama, Big Papi porn, Michael Sam wants in the NFL again, Moeller off the hook, Yogi Berra dead, Mike Tyson quotes, high school dance battle, Nick Young and this week in Mamba.


  1. SilvrBackSurfer

    I remember when Lil Wayne sampled Mike Tyson for a rap song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZMmb4861qA Last random comment thanx for the awesome show.

  2. SilvrBackSurfer

    “Hey Kobe tell me how my Icy/Hot taste?”

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