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1077: Zen Sasha


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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead, discuss a study on dating preferences, Taye Digg’s comments on his interracial son, man kills woman for $30, biscuits and gravy killing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    I know that is not Glen, but…… Am I the only one at the end of this episode when they heard “HELP” over the radio,…. thought of Adele. Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet … Okay, I do not why I started to type out the song, should of just sung it to myself {one sec}

  2. EvieE

    I actually feel sorry for Taye Diggs. Judging from his comments, I get the feeling that he has been dealing with a lot of internalized hatred. Maybe he was picked on a lot as a kid because of his dark skin and that stuck with him. I know people like him and it’s hard not to pity them. It’s hard to hate someone who already hates themselves that much.

    That being said, I hope he’s being honest with his son about how he’ll be treated, not jut in this country but around the world. I have a biracial child and me and my husband are teaching her to embrace both sides of her culture, while letting her know that no matter how she identifies, she will be seen as a black girl and often treated that way. There’s nothing wrong with with Taye wanting his son to be referred to as mixed as long as he’s keeping it 100 with him but going by Taye’s past comments, I doubt it. I hope Taye realizes that being mixed has never saved anyone from racism in their country. There were two high profile police shootings this year or mixed race men. Being mixed didn’t save them. Being Comblasian didn’t save Tiger woods from people turning on him with a quickness for his cheating. And being biracial certainly hasn’t saved President Obama from being called the n bomb on the regular. Racist people don’t give a damn that Taye’s son has a white mama. Label yourself how you want, but I suspect he’s so upset about people referring to his child as black is because Taye has issues with being black himself.

  3. Luckedout

    I’m going to call the new group the Kneelers. Do you think that thousands strong walker herd will be considered an act of war, because I’m pretty sure they’ve heading that new group’s way.

    Who was supposed to scout that way? That isn’t that far comparatively, since it was less than a day’s ride. I know no one walked down that one block with the rocket launcher. That walker was dangling like bait in a trap, out in the open and easy pickings. The cigars was icing.

    I was gonna say that Sasha deserves better because Abe is too impulsive and just like he dropped/will drop Rosita, he might turn around and do the same to her. But I couldn’t think of anyone else (Gabriel? HAH!)

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