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TNO 53: Duel Of The Fates


Rod, Kriss and Karen (She comes in later in the show) discuss Rise of the Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Supergirl, John Williams, why we can’t review Badlands, Sam Wilson as Captain America, men who harass women online are losers, Westworld nudity, Captain America kissing Thor, Japanese house husbands, Halo 5 split screen, Star Wars merchandise, terminally ill Star Wars fan, George Lucas, backwards compatibility hits the Xbox One, Halo 5 biggest launch ever, Iceman is gay, Bryan Singer still working on X-men movies, Star Wars make up, Call of Duty last gen use, Gmail’s new email AI, self healing NASA material, pro gamers getting guap, League of Legends, the next Nintendo console and Windows 10 is gaining market share.

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  1. Amani

    I swear I woke up and felt a disturbance in The Nerd force, then boom Rod dropped the invite in my mailbox.

    NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAA!! That Civil War trailer!

    I swear I’ve watched that loop of T’Challa kicking Bucky in the face a thousand times already. That’s my reaction gif to all those thinkpieces about how Marvel was afraid to do Black Panther when they’ve been name dropping Wakanda since Iron Man 2. We all lost our shit over maybe 5 seconds of footage, when his movie drops in Black History month? Man listen… Black Historyyyyyy!

    Marvel must have seen Bryan Singer confirmed for another X-men movie and just decided to throw their fans a bone. Actual teamwork in fights? We’ll show you more in 15 seconds than Fox has given you in 15 years. And we’re just going to ignore chaos powers and have (Not) Jean Grey in our movie instead of wasting her in a love triangle. Disney is taking allllll of my money. Just realized in one calendar year they will have given us Civil War, Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Agents of Shield/Agent Carter, Daredevil and Jessica Jones (with Luke Cage btw), and All New Captain America with Sam Wilson the gawd! Oh and little indie flick like Star Wars on the side. 

    I know y’all come back to this every week, but what a time to be alive as a nerd. I look at the 2016 slate of movies and I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. Hell that Doctor Strange cast is mind blowing and that was supposed to be the one where Marvel flops. Or was it Ant-Man? Or Guardians of the Galaxy? Flash, Arrow and Supergirl are all great (nope, I don’t know any other DC shows running), Legends of Tomorrow fully embracing the comics and name dropping Batman and Superman. Not to mention all the amazing comics and games out now. I’m not mad at nerds who feel like they have to be angry about everything, I just feel sorry for them. How are you not enjoying this shit?

    P.S. After your John Williams tangent on the last episode, I played Duel of the Fates over the Civil War trailer… when that beat drops in the middle of Cap and Bucky banging on Iron Man? Real nerd tears

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