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BDS 129: Keep Your Head To The Sky!


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen and comedian Chris Lamberth to discuss the NFL recap, listener feedback, Dez Bryant yelled at reporter, Demarcus Cousins is a complex man, Sandusky gets his pension back, Draft Kings and Fanduel in trouble, Cam Newton gets a letter from a mom, De La Hoya wants to bury the hatchet with Mayweather, Glory Johnson spills the tea, Kevin McHale fired, Allvin Gentry, Draymond wants to be an All-Star, Peyton Manning, Micheal Bennet going to jail, Derek Jeter doesn’t give away memorabilia after sex, Steph Curry gets sex after good games, D’Angelo Russell, Clippers lose to Warriors, Jordan’s Steakhouse law suit, Manziel, Ray Rice, Michael Sam, JR Smith accused of choking a fan and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Justin

    Cam and Jameis throwing 5 TDs making Chris Lamberth proud! And Cam even had a Dab contest at his Thanksgiving charity event that fed almost 1,000 kids. Being a seemingly really good dude and still managing some petty on top? I have to stand up and applaud that. And even though it was ugly, Matt Hasselbeck is 3-0 for the Colts, as opposed to 2-5 with Luck… All my agendas coming true. Wiggins even dropped 32 yesterday.

    Which reminds me Lebron subbing himself out in the MIDDLE of plays? Making the kids skip pregame introductions looking like that uncle sneaking off Crown in the back, yeah it’s about time for him to take his month off. You can hear it in ever interview, just bitter waiting for Christmas day to play the Warriors and looking at his team in disgust. And shit Steph and them might STILL be undefeated by then. I’d put money down the Niners will have more losses this season than the Warriors in the Bay.

    P.S. Finally tried some of that Middle Sister wine, really good stuff and I’m not usually that big on wine. Thanks for the head’s up. Appreciate y’all and have a good thanksgiving!

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